Review – Is it a scam?

One of the websites that is offering unique source of income is the All X Club of Basically, this is an adult site that sells products solely intended for adults. Compared to other online shops out there, the All X Club offers money making opportunity either by being a distributor or bringing in more people and getting into the 3×9 matrix.

More about the All X Club

The website was started in 2008 and is currently based in the Westchester California. It claims to be a billion dollar-worth adult industry offering a legit source of income. Those who want the money-making opportunity part can become a distributor and enjoy the privilege of product discounts and commission from sales. Another opportunity to earn from the All X Club is through recruiting people.

For every personally sponsored member, one could get $10.50 and $4.50 for every second level member. All associates of the club will have a website, email, banner, training, and even support. Also, associates will get to receive the same support achieved by the members of the club. These include discounts on toys and novelties, unlimited live chat, sexual health guide and so on.

Final thoughts on

If you have interest in the products being offered by All X Club, then this could be a good opportunity for you to earn money. However, you should know that signing up as a member or associate isn’t free. The good thing is that you’ll get something from the fee that you have paid.

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