Live the American dream with a free kit something sounds fishy here… So I signed up with designated spam email address and they sent me my “free kit” no surprise at all it led me to SMC. SMC for those of you not familiar with it is a 60 year old company that has helped some people makes money from home.

As a person in business myself I can’t knock a hustle. SMC is not a scam but in my opinion it’s not worth it. Why because well first usually you have pay $39.99 to get started this will give you a startup package which I think will give you a website.

Website Hosting and other fees

With this website there’s hosting fees which last time I checked with SMC (Specialty Merchandising Corporation) it was $29.99 PER MONTH. The fees don’t stop there of course they don’t teach you internet marketing so you’ll usually need to hand out business cards, that is if your serious of course during this time you also will be assigned a mentor/coach who is really there to encourage you to buy anything and everything. That’s the reason they ask for your phone number at the website.

This is usually the part where most people quit because as time goes on people start to notice that there mentor/coach only calls to sell them something. SMC has been doing this for years, you can’t call them a scam because they are not doing anything wrong it’s just when people take a step back and really look at things they see it’s really not worth it. Well some people think that way.

Life as a Door to door sales man

I’ve done a lot of business and a lot of door to door sales jobs myself and the thing that hits you when you do these jobs is why don’t I do this for MYSELF meaning if I can knock on doors for someone else’s business why don’t I do it for my own business. A business is never hard to start the hardest part to a business is the advertising and the marketing meaning getting your name or brand out there. Getting people interested and keeping them interested that’s the hard part to business.

So when I see these companies like SMC, The trump network, Primerica I just laugh because to me people are getting hustled and can’t really see it why pay to help someone else grow their business. When I did door to door sales the interviewer is practically begging me to come on board. Why because without me his business is going NOWHERE that’s how it’s supposed to be if the game is in reverse, meaning you’re paying to be a door to door sales man than your in my opinion getting PLAYED.

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