Is The Amazon Inc. Brand Dissolving into The Counterfeit Marketplace: Amazon blocked 10 billion listings in counterfeit crackdown – May 10, 2021,

Because I sell on Amazon, there are certain things I’m unwilling to purchase on Amazon, because, I’ve done business with people in mainland China and although there are honest Chinese sellers there are a lot of shady sellers, who are very active on Amazon. I’ve been writing about the Welfare State because what seems clear to me is that if the Western World continues to outsource it’s manufacturing to China, China will win this counterfeiting war.

He who controls manufacturing controls the world, and the world is quickly marching into a direction in which the U.S dollar is the world’s reserve currency by name only. If China wasn’t a Communist nation, America would have lost it’s standing in the world years ago and I can say this confidently based on the successes of both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Hong Kong and Taiwan gives us a glimpse into what China would look like without the Chinese Communist Party and what China looks like without the Chinese Communist Party is the Freest nation on planet earth. The social engineer of the Chinese Communist Party is brutal because the results of the Chinese People in a market environment is undeniable.

With that said, because of the Chinese Communist Party and its oppression on its own people, , a lot of Chinese people are desperate to get out of their current conditions and counterfeit is like a get rich quick scheme for the Chinese people willing to take on the risk. I bring this up because as a seller on Amazon, I do a lot of research and let’s just say there are certain items like food or anything related to food in which Amazon becomes my absolute last option to do my online shopping.

But I’m the rarity, most people trust AMazon the way they’d trust Walmart, they see a brand, they don’t imagine that Amazon could sell Counterfeit goods, because in their minds Amazon is big and could be used if Amazon does this, WRONG! As the article below points out “Amazon blocked 10 billion listings” but and I want yu to pay close attention to the wording below.

The company destroyed 2 million counterfeit products sent to its warehouses last year before they could be sold. And it said fewer than 0.01% of all items bought on the site received counterfeit complaints from shoppers.

Amazon blocked 10 billion listings in counterfeit crackdown |

Did you miss that? Fewer than 0.01% of people complained about counterfeits, which could mean that they didn’t even notice or know that the item they bought was a counterfeit. The reason why people counterfeit goods is that most of the time, people don’t notice the difference. I can say this knowingly because I know a lot of Amazon counterfeit scams happening now, could point out 100 off the top of my head, but the problem is when I reported them to Amazon, the complaints went ignored, now I have a family to take care of I can’t spend my entire life reporting counterfeit scams on Amazon, plus when I complain I open myself open to attack because I’m a seller on Amazon also.

Most honest sellers on Amazon know what I’m talking about, a lot of people I know have refused to list their products on Amazon because the counterfeit problem is so pervasive, also Amazon will make it difficult for you to defend both your trademark and your patent whenever you sell on their platform, however, if you don’t sell on Amazon it’s easier to sue.

I don’t want to get off-topic here, but when you read articles like the one I point to below, you’ll want to pay close attention to the wording. Because the truth is most Amazon shoppers never figure out that they bought a counterfeit good!

Amazon blocked 10 billion listings in counterfeit crackdown |

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