Imagine This was the Leader of Your Country? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface

Imagine This was the Leader of Your Country? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface

Amazon Email: “Stay informed and involved on legislation that could impact your business” – the Ending Platform Monopolies Act – August 20, 2021,

So yeah, as a Canada, we have a lot of Left-wing idiots in my country who will often brag “Universal Health care” is free? Which it is if you’re a tax cheating welfare piece of crap, but for those of who actually work for a living we’re often stuck paying for stupidity.

Anyway because Donald Trump talked Jerome Powell into keeping interest rates low when he(Donald Trump) claimed that he wanted to drain the swamp? He’s actually helped the far Left make their case against Amazon and their tech monopolies who aren’t tech monopolies in m book, they’re only monopolies because interest rates are stuck at zero which allows billion-dollar companies like Amazon, Twitter, Google, Facebook to borrow money at ridiculously low rates, which they then sell back to the public at retail rates, confused yet?

Well you shouldn’t be, because central bank interest rates aren’t supposed to be this low for this long, although the Democrat Party is making it seem like Big Tech is the only entity getting rich off of zero percent interest rates, the truth is the real beneficiaries of zero percent interest rates in the U.S and global FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS.

The Ending Platform Monopolies Act

Do yourself a favor and look at your countries national debt clock(U.S) | national debt clock(Canada) ow if you’re dumb enough to genuinely believe that taxing or regulating Big Debt is going to stop that debt clock then you probably think Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are doing excellent jobs as the leader of your country.

So yeah, to learn more about the “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” click here –

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Stay informed and involved on legislation that could impact your business.

My thoughts on the matter are simple, a lot of these vampires DISAPPEAR when interest rates are normalized and entities and individuals who should be bankrupt go bankrupt. a Market economy is not supposed to have this much central control.

Political Activists like Pramila Jayapal are now in control of the White House and people like Pramila Jayapal who immigrated to America from Indonesia and Singapore for a better life now assume they know how to run the U.S economy. Most politicians do not comprehend that for every action there’s a reaction, most countries are poor because of excessive REGULATIONS, Indonesia is a regulatory nightmare for businesses and in Singapore, it’s illegal to chew gum?

Now I’m sure when the governments of Indonesia and Singapore created some of these regulation nightmares for their people, they didn’t see it as that big of a deal, we’re creating these regulations for “the greater good” their governments convinced themselves, but I write this so that the reader understands how great nations are DESTROYED!

Politicians aren’t smarter than you, even Democracy has its flaws, sometimes the majority is WRONG, in most instances, politicians want to leave their mark on society and they could care less how many lives they destroy. Western Governments are too big and if central bank interest rates are NORMALIZED the size of the government will be forced to shrink

If you’re smart enough to start an Amazon business or any business for that matter, the reality is that a big government will always be at war with you, because it needs to justify its growth. There once was a walk on wall street, I hope more Americans will start to demand the Federal Reserve NORMALIZE interest rates.


I am not talking about raising interest rates, by the way, I’m talking about NORMALIZING interest rates so that the governments and government pensions will go bankrupt, yes, some private people will go bankrupt too and a lot of these huge corporations will go bankrupt, in a normal world when people have dumb ideas they go bankrupt

In this new hell being designed for us, the idiots are being rewarded, that’s what zero percent interest rates do. This can end tomorrow if Americans demand the federal reserve NORMALIZE interest rates, if they don’t the recourse is demanding the U.S dollar be backed by gold. If the American WORKING and productive classes demand this you get your country if you don’t the “Ending Platform Monopolies Act” is just the beginning

Interesting times ahead!