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To start i would like to inform any person reading this that if you live in these 4 areas at the moment you have an advantage and a disadvantage. These areas are United States, Canada, Australia, U.K. if you live in those areas you have major advantage and a major disadvantage. First the disadvantage, this disadvantage is mostly America, Ok the disadvantage is everyone is targeting you online. Meaning around the world the popular opinion is if you live in the countries i mentioned you have money.

Even if your barely getting by the truth of the matter is that everyone is trying to take from you. Now the advantage the advantage is there are lots of companies that will pay you money because you live in these areas. Now that that has been said let me proceed.

How to make money online without spending your own money

The internet is heading into it’s teenage stage. This is a great time for small business owners and the middle class if your smart enough to stay ahead of the curve. You do not have to spend money to make money online. I never did and I still don’t to this day and know in the back of your head you know what i’m saying and about to say is true. Allow me to possibly take a step into your head for a second. You want to sign up for a program thats going to get rid of all your financial problems, and then you want to use this program to start your business or maybe even retire. If that describes you STOP thinking like that.

That is exactly why people get scammed online. Because they have that mentality that this one great “man” or “business” is going to cure there financial worries. That doesn’t happen sorry the way things work online is the person with information and the proper conception of what to do with the information wins and gets the money.

Everything online is TARGETED if your not targeting a certain person or type of people you have nothing and you will probably make nothing. YOU MUST TARGET. Another thing is when your targeting everything becomes much more clear because you know who your audience is and you know what they are looking for. Remember this online so when you target something people from all over the world (think billions) are going to run into it. That’s honestly how this works.

You see for this particular blog what i’m doing is targeting a specific type of individual. I am targeting the individual who wants to be educated. If you check my posts on this blog I give real indepth information from my perspective and my past experiences. I do this to target those people who are simular to me or who are traveling in the path that i once was in. Because of this nobody of the top of there head can copy my blog. Sure a scammer might try and steal my information(Do it and i’ll sue) but theres only one me. Do you understand? that means none will be able to do things exactly like you do it. There’s no greater lesson than that.

Ok enough with the small talk Steve I want to make some money?

man you people are pushy(lol). Ok this post is geared to the united States but it can apply to Aus, Can, & the U.K too. Learn this lesson first Spend other peoples money I am going to attempt to get this through your head best i can You do not need to spend your own money to make money online. If your lazy or you don’t have the time you can skip my first recommendation. But I recommend signing up for a paid to shop service. BUT and there’s a big “BUTT” when you make your money DO NOT spend it at the Paid To Shop business although feel free to do whatever you want i do not recommend it. First the programs these programs are free to join if there’s an upgrade feature personally I don’t recommend it but i’m only one man so do whats best for you.

The first one is for U.S only its called Project Pay Day Please read everything and watch the videos before joining, it’s all very simple but at the same time you should read it because it will help you to understand my final step process which is step 2. ok so there’s Project Pay Day for the United States and CaliStyle101 for the U.k, Canada, & Australia. the purpose for you joining these programs is to get REAL money into your paypal account to pay for what i believe to be the best training program online.

U.S Residents

Click here for Project Pay Day

Australia, Canadian & U.K residents

Click here For Cali Style 101

If you’ve signed up for both of these programs previously and used up your money the only other option i can give for this post is Surveys. Being that there is so many survey sites out there I will recommend you use the free directory at Survey Club. Also if you’ve signed up for Project Pay Day they also i have a free survey club so you can sign up there also.

Read the Portion Below After you’ve gotten paid

Ok after you’ve made your money I highly recommend you sign up for Profit Lance. This will rid you of any problems of learning how to do Internet Marketing forever. You pay one time you own it for Life. If there’s a membership program or an up sell at profit Lance which i don’t think there is i’m letting you know i didn’t sign up for it and I am doing just fine. I ma going to be honest with again Internet Marketing is not Easy and will take you about 3 month’s to get comfortable. Even if you make money right way you will run into a period of time when things will become slow or just need to change up your strategy this is why I recommend Profit Lance to you.

Profit Lance has Allot of information and Allot of different ways to make money online this being said many other programs what you to commit to memberships and pay them a monthly fee to get this sort of service, i’ve tried the wealthy affiliates, the SiteBuildit’s the Carbon Copy pro’s I know all of them, i wont lie to either i used to recommend them to the pay a higher commission but they also of ALLOT of fees and in the end the only thing your doing is helping them get bigger.

Profit Lance is a quiet company that people take for granted. i will tell you the common story about Profit Lance which i also have to say out of any click bank product i recommend it has the LOWEST return ratio. It’s the truth when you get to the members area that’s internet marketing if you look at it and don’t like it I guarantee you any other program will do simular and repackage it and charge you more. I do review sites believe me i’ve seen them all. I don’t only review sites but i buy products especially clickbank ones. ClickBank for those of you who dont know has a 60 No questions asked return policy. try asking for your money back at wealthy affiliate lol.

Plus on this blog i put more relevant information than some e books and membership programs have. but people will over look my information because it’s free lol go figure. Anyway Profit Lance will rid any problem you have of learn how to do internet marketing, what this means is you can focus on what YOU want to do. if you like recommending the next big product to hit the internet well now you can. if you have an idea to revolutionize the  internet well now you’ll know how to properly market it and get people talking.

You will learn all this and only Pay One time, no re-occurring fees, no membership fees you pay onetime and if you followed my directions you won’t need to use your own money. i hope you found this article helpful my attempt was to get REAL money in your hands as fast as possible.

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