Review Is It a Scam? (Amazon Done For You Terms and Disclaimer Reviewed)

So when it comes to “Amazon Done For You” currently found at it was too pricey for me to waste time reviewing it. Not only is expensive to join based on my reviews, but they’re also not even willing to back up their claims, does this make AmzDFY a scam? Well, after reading their disclaimer as well as their Terms of Service I definitely won’t be calling them legit. Below is a preview of their Terms of Service


The fee for the Amazon FBA Semi-Automation Emerald is $30k. The fee for the Amazon FBA Semi-Automation Gold is $10k and the fee for the Amazon FBA Done With You Silver is $5k.

Until the Fees are paid in full, DK Automation shall have no obligation or liability to perform any Services.

First off kudos to them for their transparency, most of these Amazon schemes will give you zero details on their sales pages. But okay, even I will argue that has the right to charge whatever they want for their services, but I haven’t gotten to their refund policy or their earnings disclaimer as of yet. First, their refund policy which you should be familiar with prior to joining them, currently states the following:


There are significant staffing and hard costs, thus, a strict no refund policy for the Amazon FBA Automation Emerald, Amazon FBA Done With You Gold, and Amazon FBA Done With You Silver services is implemented. The same goes for the Emerald Elite Membership. No exceptions!

Okay fine, I understand the law, if I go to a steakhouse consume the steak, and say I want my money back, the owner of the steak restaurant shouldn’t be forced to give me back my money because they have bills to pay too. Okay, sure no problem. But the earnings disclaimer is where for me I can’t get on board with, Because a person could spend up to $30K, and below is a brief excerpt of the AmzDFY disclaimer.

David and Kevin cannot guarantee that you will make money or that you will be successful if you employ this or any eCommerce strategy specifically or generally. Consequently, your results may significantly vary from David and Kevin’s results. All information is mentioned for informational and educational purposes only.

So yeah, I can’t in good faith recommend to anyone at this time. Any questions or concerns you have in regards to Amazon Done For You should be sent to their team directly.

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