An Opportunity for The People’s Party of Canada: Youth are fleeing the Liberals (but they still detest the Tories) – May 20, 2022,



Two factors that led to Justin Trudeau becoming the Prime Minister of Canada, was Stephen Harper’s popularity on the downswing primarily because instead of shrinking the government Stephen Harper attempted i=to make it more efficient. Harper could have as an example at least shrunk the CBC? During Harper’s 2015 campaign Harper went as far as to attempt to provide government support for EXISTING homeowners, who in 2022 compared to 2015, have seen the value of their homes soar.

This clearly showed Stephen Harper as out of touch, what made Justin Trudeau the cool guy during the 2015 election was Marijuana legalization, something Harper was too out of touch to consider. Since Trudeau legalized weed, voters haven’t had any reason to support him, in fact, the popular vote shows that the Conservative Party is the most popular political party in Canada.

The Liberal Party for the most part in 2022, appeals to people wanting some sort of government welfare and feeling like the Liberals are more responsible with generating welfare checks in the long term than the NDP would be. When most Canadians think of the NDP, even to the Canadians with a low financial IQ, they’re left wondering where is all of the money going to come from to finance these crazy NDP ideas. Furthermore, the NDP politicizes EVERYTHING, government pronoun here, government regulation there, a newly created tax there, cost of living price hikes there.

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I always like to point out that Alberta shouldn’t be Canada’s richest province, Canada’s richest province is B.C in a landslide, just because of its geographic location. Bordering with the United States and direct access to the Asian market. Why B.C is so expensive has to do with the NDP government and their silly Left-Wing ideas.

In Ontario as an example, one go-round with the NDP, and Ontario hasn’t voted them in since. Now for a lot of young people in Ontario, they might not be aware of why most Ontarians including Left-wingers in Ontario don’t like the NDP, but former NDP Premier Bob Rae was so bad, that Ontarians who were alive when he was Premier remember how they felt when his failures continued to mount.

Ontario doesn’t have the conveniences of British Columbia, and Ontario is reliant on Manufacturing, so in the event of an economic downturn, government redistribution schemes that come as the result of being a coastal province, don’t exist for Ontarians. Now, what about Canada’s Eastern coastal provinces? Well, those provinces tend to vote for Liberals and now that more young people are comprehending financial education, Left-wingers are slowly finding out that their ideas are IRRELEVANT in 2022.

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With that said, Left-wingers obviously aren’t going to roll over and die, so most Left-wingers in Canada, are employing National and Democratic Socialism censorship tactics. In order for the Soviet Union to control the narrative over its people, it began to censor speech, in order for the National Socialists in Germany to control speech they had to burn books and control speech.

You know the socialists were successful in this endeavor because Left-wingers have convinced everyone that National Socialism and capitalism are the same ideology? Capitalism revolves around FREEDOM of speech, free trade, freely exchanging ideas, Free markets etc. Capitalism revolves around freedom, but the Left-wingers attempt to make freedom seem like a bad thing and if presented correctly, this brainwashing tactic by Left-wingers resonates with some young people.

In politics, this inconsistency by the Leftists presents a huge opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada, but Conservatives squander the young vote by moving further to the political centre. If the Leftists can present themselves as CONSISTENT in their views that a Big Government knows best and the Conservative Party makes the same argument that yes a Big Government does know best but you want a Big Conservative Government, the young voter can simply say to themselves, well if it’s all about big government, I should go to the political Party that offers me more free stuff?

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Now, in contrast, the People’s Party of Canada has PROMISED to shrink the government and offer more FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY to young people, but the challenge for the People’s Party of Canada is not being imagined as a fringe political party. How do the People’s Party of Canada get away from being considered this fringe element in Canadian politics?

If I’m, to be honest, I have no answer, I think it’s a matter of CONSISTENT messaging. Justin Trudeau sends out a CONSISTENT tyrannical message, it’s getting boring in 2022, Trudeau has reached a phase in which people are tuning him out, this doesn’t mean he will lose in an upcoming election, but it does mean that he’s becoming more boring, and predictable.

I think boring and predictable is a good thing, if it’s your time to lose an election, it’s your time to lose, Trudeau will likely go out swinging and his followers will appreciate him for it. This is something the People’s Party of Canada will have to accept moving forward. I personally think if the Conservative Party runs the WRONG candidate in a general Federal election, the People’s Party of Canada(PPC) could see an explosion in growth.

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The PPC to my amazement got 800,000+ votes in the 2021 election, the Libertarian Party of Canada has never done numbers like that, why? I’d argue because of laziness, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier, has proven why the Liberty movement hasn’t been spreading in Canada, it’s because Right-Wing voters are usually too lazy to educate the people they want to embrace their ideas.

Most Liberty lovers in the arena of politics want a sprint, not a marathon, oddly enough the leader of the People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier is a MARATHON runner. Because of Berniers superior political IQ, he comprehends things the average Right-wing politician can’t comprehend. You have to educate your voter, you have to allow the voter to see the contrasts between you and your opposition and as a Party, you also have to accept the results, that MOST people are going to disagree with you.

As a private sector participant, I comprehend that a lot of my potential customers WILL NOT like what I have to sell. But doesn’t that mean that I should stop selling if I’m profitable? Ofcourse not, I have to march forward and keep selling to the people looking for what I have for sale. A lot of young people, don’t comprehend Liberty, because they didn’t learn about it in school, but what I like to point out is that most young people LIKE MONEY!

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Most young people want to be rich, most young people want to live life on their own terms and this is where the People’s Party of Canada can be the dark horse. I genuinely think the People’s Party could replace the NDP in a decade as long as they don’t MERGE with the Conservative party of Canada.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney intends to step down as UCP leader after narrow leadership win |

Recently Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney, who is a very smart man, stepped down as leader of the United Conservative Party(UCP). The UCP was doomed to fail, because it was the equivalent of the People’s Party of Canada merging with the Conservative Party of Canada. Social Conservatives are a huge problem for Liberty lovers. Social Conservatives want to win elections by any means necessary, while Liberty Lovers want LIBERTY.

Because Jason Kenney represented both lovers of liberty and Social Conservatives, he attempted to appease both sides for “The Greater Good”. This ofcourse led to a great divide and for the “greater good” of the Party Jason Kenney stepped down. Now, for young people, this inconsistency is why Left Wing political Partys win elections.

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Sometimes young people like the underdog, but the underdog has to be worth cheerleading for. What is the underdog going to do for me? How is voting for the underdog going to make me feel? Will this underdog politician be consistent so that when I tell my friends about this political Party at the very least I can feel confident about what this political Party stands for?

This is the appeal the People’s Party of Canada can make to young voters, unlike the Conservative Party of Canada you can expect CONSISTENCY from us, good-bad, and ugly. In closing, I wish people would observe Justin Trudeau doubling down on his failed ideas, his followers appreciate him for this, and your supporters will rally around you, once they’ve bought into what you have for sale. I say this because had Jason Kenney stood up for freedom and LOST, his supporters would have stood by him, in the same way, Justin Trudeau supporters stand by him.

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Interesting times ahead!