Analyzing The State of The Canadian Economy: In 2021, Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only received 32.2% of the popular vote, which is the lowest in Canadian history – July 22, 2022,


In 2021, Justin Trudeau became the nightmare that just wouldn’t end, for 67.8% of Canadians who did not vote for him. It’s extremely important that we put Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party in their proper context. In the 2021 election, Justin Trudeau was the beneficiary of WEAK opposition; first and foremost, it’s not a secret that the New Democratic Party of Canada has a weak leader in Jagmeet Singh, who made bad decisions in several instances that benefited Justin Trudeau.

These bad decisions by Jagmeet Singh hindered the growth of the NDP, which, if we’re to be honest, is the reason Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada in 2022. Trudeau was also was the beneficiary of weak opposition from the Conservative Party of Canada. Erin O’Toole had an easy path to victory until he opened his mouth.

I had Erin O’Toole for the upset in the 2021 election, but then Erin O’Toole began to speak, and gibberish exited his mouth. Nothing is more terrifying to a Conservative voter than a Conservative Politician attempting to cater to the Left Wing vote. I’m writing this post in 2022, and Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for New York governor’s race in the United States, was almost associated by an individual likely on the Far Left.


There is no need for a Conservative politician to pivot to the Centre of the political spectrum, as was the case in 2021. If Canadian voters want a Left Wing government, they’ll vote for one. So not only did Erin O’Toole compromise his personal values, he lost the 2021 election and was booted as leader of the party anyway? Play a stupid game, win a stupid prize.

Once you comprehend how UNPOPULAR Justin Trudeau is, his stupid economic decisions start to make a lot of sense. In Ontario, we had a Liberal Premier by the name of Kathleen Wynne on her way out; Kathleen Wynne did everything in power to destroy Ontario’s economy, thereby leaving the Progressive Conservative government with a giant hole to climb out of.

Liberal play NASTY politics, but you’d need to have a basic financial education to comprehend how demonic these people are. If economics or finances are not something you pay attention to in politics, it will be very difficult to understand the damage Left Wing governments do to a country. The mainstream media hasn’t been much help either, often ignoring Liberal stories that should topple governments.

The popular narrative from mainstream media in Canada is to focus on partisan issues, avoiding the task of doing actual journalism. As an example, when Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, most of the mainstream media sided with the most UNPOPULAR Prime minister in Canadian history, who, by the way, REFUSED to meet with the Freedom Convoy protestors, who merely wanted their FREEDOMS back.

This embarrassment on Canadians will never be forgotten, and the mainstream media, in general, has been wise to sweep the issue under the rug to avoid doing actual journalism on the Prime Minister who bailed them out. In defense of Canada’s mainstream media, Trudeau did expose the flaw in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission(CRTC) which regulates Canadian content rules and reports to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, making the CRTC a very political organization.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage position was only created in 1996 and replaced the Minister of Communications position. This move was done by the Liberals under the Jean Chrétien government, and the Stephen Harper government did nothing to change it, I assume, fearing the wrath of the mainstream media? Why this is important is that the mainstream media in Canada must feel as though it’s walking on eggshells?

But the Mainstream media also becomes the beneficiary of NOT having to do real journalism, which allows it to avoid lawsuits because it’s in the good graces of the government. Rebel News which is NOT part of the mainstream media, makes sure it has a team of experienced LAWYERS because when you’re doing ACTUAL journalism, there’s a possibility that you could be sued.

But Canada’s mainstream media which includes some Conservative outlets, at best focus their attention on economic news, which is one of the reasons Canadian news is so BLAND. Sure, people like myself gobble up economic news, but the average Canadian thinks the economy is an OVERRATED topic. In my own family, if I want to put family members to sleep, I’ll start talking about economics.

Meaning that invoking the Emergencies Act should have dominated the airwaves, and actual journalists should have constantly explained to Canadians why invoking the Emergencies Act under the circumstances was absolutely WRONG! Canadians who supported Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act likely will not change, but that’s not the point. In the United States, as an example, The Left Wing news media, DESPITE Americans not caring about what happened on January 6th when the Capitol Hill riots occurred, continue to post about it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Even if it’s biased journalism, there are a lot of dedicated journalists focused on what their side of the political spectrum imagines as tyranny in the U.S capital. The Left Wing U.S news media is working overtime to get people to care about something they clearly don’t care about.

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In Canada, there’s clearly a huge demand to learn about the Emergencies Act, but the desire to do actual journalism on the matter isn’t there; why? Well, The Minister of Canadian Heritage position is held by a Justin Trudeau appointee, and if you’re a mainstream media outlet reliant on a government handout, you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Why educate viewers we can safely and exclusively focus on economic matters? You know the same economic stories that lead to a dwindling readership? One of the ways I became interested in economics is when I realized its relation to everything else. It’s hard to comprehend how actual tyranny occurs if you don’t understand economics.

How Canada got to where it is now economically is indeed the welfare state, now because a lot of Canadians feel as though they’re beneficiaries of the welfare. Why then can’t the News Media at least present an argument to Canadians as to what is necessary to keep the golden goose alive and well? In a lot of manufacturing businesses in Canada, owners opted NOT to grow or voice dissenting concerns in fear the heavy hand of the government would turn them into a political talking point.

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When the media stays silent, tyranny grows and grows, and why shouldn’t it? The average Canadian is NOT being presented with an alternative point of view, and why should any Canadian take the PERSONAL risk to speak out against tyranny when the media will either ignore them or demonize them? Even if every single person who was part of the Freedom Convoy protest was a white supremacist, was the Emergencies Act necessary?

All of us, no matter how scummy we might be have RIGHTS in this country. Stomp on the rights of one; you’ve stomped on the rights of us all. As a CAPITALIST, I can’t stand NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, I go out of my way to bash all forms of socialism any chance I get. However, they have the same rights as I have.

I’ve argued the Emergencies Act was all about the OPTICS; I personally believe Trudeau was shocked to learn that the Tow Truck drivers were refusing to answer calls regarding the towing trucks, and in order to solve this problem, he invoked the Emergencies Act, I think the Bank Account freeze was done because his cabinet is filled with idiots.

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I think the bank freeze was one of those things where Trudeau’s inner circle thought to themselves, now that we have these dictatorial powers, let’s send these “Rich” White Supremacists a message. Based on my observation of Justin Trudeau, I personally believe his decision wasn’t that complicated in fact if you listen to the speech, he validates my point.

Now, as bland as this may sound if journalists reported on this story correctly, they’d frame the story from the position of what Trudeau claimed vs. what the police actually said. The police had the U.S Canadian borders under control, and let’s be clear, the police could have cleared the protestors ANY TIME they wanted to.

The police didn’t need the Emergencies Act to get rid of the protestors, but they did need the Emergencies Act to remove the trucks, which could have been ORNAMENTS in downtown Ottawa. The optics of these large UNTOWABLE trucks in downtown Ottawa because the Prime Minister was too scared to have a conversation with people he disagreed with ideologically coincides with a person who has an extremely low financial IQ.

People with low financial IQs often shoot themselves in the foot when they’re negotiating, opting for the EASY way to do things. I want to make money the easy way, I want to find the EASIEST way to solve this problem. What’s the easy way to get rid of these protestors without doing any hard work? When I observe Justin Trudeau, I notice patterns that I commonly see with people who have low financial IQ.

How do I make money QUICKLY, without hard work? How do I solve this problem QUICKLY without having to negotiate? Now, if Trudeau wants to invoke the Emergencies Act and Canadians love him for it, great, but just like the Far Left in the U.S trying to make people care about January 6, I expect that same passion from a bland Canadian media that struggles to pay their own bills, because the average Canadians find their content BORING.

The current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, only received 32.2% of the popular vote, but you’d never know that if listened to the mainstream media in Canada. Canadian media isn’t even capitalizing on his unpopularity, and the ECONOMY is suffering for it. This is the perfect time for Canada’s mainstream media to explain the relationship between left-wing politics and the Economy.

If the Liberals are indeed the preferred political party of Canadians, we need to make them more LIBERAL and less LEFTIST! Because Leftists destroy the ECONOMIES of countries, and in case the media isn’t paying attention, Justin Trudeau is DESTROYING Canada’s economy.

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Interesting times ahead!