Annamie Paul Shows Leadership in the Green Party of Canada as MP Jenica Atwin Appears to Conflate Israeli-Palestinian conflict With Canadian First Nations – June 1, 2021,

Unlike Jagmeet Singh who tends to speak before he thinks, I thought Annamie Paul so far has handled the anti-semitism in her party quite well. I’ve never understood why Jews lean Left politically, I think it’s because some Jews feel that freedom of speech allows people who hate Jews to spread their hatred, but that’s on speculation on my part.

Member of the Canadian Parliament for Fredericton Jenica Atwin who is also First Nations saw an opportunity to spread her woke-ness, during the unfortunate Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I imagine she sees First Nations struggles in the Israeli-Palestinian and she’s speaking on something she probably hasn’t been educated on.

Whether it’s national or democratic socialists, socialists tend to hate successful people, socialists prefer to confiscate wealth and imagine that they know all the answers in an imperfect world. Ignorance is bliss and whenever a country allows a big government to flourish Leftists begin treating politics like a Hollywood drama.

I’d never vote for the Green Party, but I give credit where it’s due and so far Annamie Paul has shown some leadership. I think most people understand what I understand regarding Jenica Atwin that she’s just misguided, which is why I hate the idea of a big government because you have to remember she’s a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED member of parliament and she doesn’t appear to understand that first of all terrorists are launching the rockets and secondly, I’m certain she doesn’t understand the history of modern-day “Palestine”.

I like my politicians saying less, being woke is divisive, and revolutions are bloody, Canada’s first nations and “Palestine” are not the same thing, but I get it, Jenica Atwin wants the woke vote and she wants to be popular, she wants to show First Nations that she’s on their side, I hope Canadians with half a brain understand why a big government is a bad idea, most humans like it or not have their own agendas, politicians are not holier than thou they’re humans looking to gain power so that they can dictate how you live your life and that’s opposite of being free.

I personally believe Jenica Atwin is in her right to have an opinion, but I hope people can see how Hiter rose to power National Socialists simply found an enemy to destroy if you read the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx found an enemy destroy and used that enemy to become a very influential political figure. Again I thought that so far Annamie Paul has shown some leadership, which isn’t easy when her party is clearly filled with bloodthirsty socialists.

Green party rift over Israeli-Palestinian conflict grows as MPs break from leader |

Interesting times ahead!