Another Example of Why The Canadian Government Should Stay Out of Housing Market: Families forced out of housing complex over collapsed ceiling at Swansea Mews, a COMMUNITY HOUSING complex – September 17, 2022,

There’s never a perfect system, but Canada is a parliamentary democracy. How a parliamentary democracy works is it’s a form of democratic government in which the party (or a coalition of parties) with the greatest representation in the parliament (legislature) forms the government, its leader becoming prime minister or chancellor.

Once you understand Canada’s Democratic System, it’s wise to consider examining what Socrates had to say about the FLAWS in Democracy; I’m not being anti-democratic here, but what I am trying to convey is that the form of Democracy Canada embraced, ENCOURAGES us to vote for the SHORT-SIGHTED politician who will promise us the freest crap, with the assumption that there will be no liabilities.

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Anyway, Swansea Mews, or Swansea Village Co-op, is one of Canada’s oldest co-ops, and I doubt the people in charge of running the co-op ever imagined their NON-PROFIT housing plan would end up where it is today. One of the interesting things I read in the CBC article regarding Swansea Mews is one of the comments that stated the following:

Burrell isn’t the only worried resident who is facing yet another temporary relocation.

Natalie Gordon, who’s been staying in a small hotel room with a kitchenette with her three children, said the Regent Park relocation news was “a shocker.”

“Swansea don’t do Regent Park,” she said. “They have beef, bottom line.”

Families forced out of housing complex over collapsed ceiling face another temporary move |

After reading those comments, I hope you understand why most people WORK FOR A PROFIT. People who are unfamiliar with Regent Park; it’s another government housing project in prime real estate in downtown Toronto. Swansea Mews, by the way, is also prime real estate smack dab in downtown Toronto. So these people on welfare had life so good that they managed to start a TURF WAR.

Notice the entitlement from Natalie Gordon, “Swansea don’t do Regent Park,” as if she’s paying market prices to live at Swansea? That sounds like words I hear coming from Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian; instead, these are words coming from a person who FEELS entitled to live in the downtown core.

When the government builds housing, the problems the government will face are MAINTENANCE-related issues; why? Because after a politician promised to build Regent Park, another politician promised to build Swansea Mews, then another politician promised to build “insert project housing here,” and eventually, the various levels of governments in Ontario found themselves with a MASSIVE NON-PROFIT real estate portfolio.

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Do you know any competent electricians, plumbers, or general Tradespeople who don’t work for profit? Do you know how hard it is to work in the trades? People get injured working in the trades; why would any trades person risk their lives for people who managed to start a turf war while living in the projects? No, the private sector is better equipped to deal with low-income people because for-profit building management will usually attempt to stop problems before they arise.

You might think it’s unfair, but that’s why buildings have credit checks, it’s why they have a downpayment, it’s they want to be able to raise rents on tenants. Some tenants are destructive; other tenants don’t want anyone coming into their unit, and there are tons of variables when it comes to property management that 9-5 government employee is NOT incentivized to care about.

If you live in the projects and a government employee is supposed to inspect your unit and you, as a tenant on welfare, find a way to avoid having your apartment searched or inspected, one problem turns into another problem. Worse than that, because these are NON-PROFIT buildings, nobody in government anticipates the cost of living to rise and when it does, sometimes the new mayor or Premier who just became aware of the problem but already made promises to voters to solve other problems, doesn’t have the will to fix it and after all why should he/she do anything? These people aren’t contributing any PROFIT to the government; they live in government housing and don’t pay market rents.

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A non-Profit is a charity, and if someone is being charitable to you, the last thing you should do is find drama with someone in the same or similar economic position as you are. But you see, the problem with entitlement is that if you’ve been the beneficiary of entitlements for decades, you imagine that it’s the government’s responsibility to solve all of your problems.

Anyway, if you’re curious as to why the government doesn’t build housing for the poor in Canada, it’s because of the MAINTAINANCE cost! I’m not only talking about structural maintenance but also social, political, economic, and psychological maintenance.

Interesting times ahead!