Another Justin Trudeau Regulatory Problem: Toronto’s Pearson Airport is the worst airport in the world for delays this summer – July 26, 2022,

To be fair to the current Prime minister of Canada, Toronto airport isn’t the only airport in the world with this problem, the problem with Toronto Airport is that this has been a problem for a long time and the reason stems from MANDATES, which come from Justin Trudeau. Why does this problem gets swe[ted under the rug? Well, if we’re to be honest, a lot of Canadians either can’t afford to travel or can’t legally travel by plane, Canada is after all UNOFFICALLY in a recession.

Global airports with the most summer delays
Here are the top 10 world airports for delays this summer with percentages of flights delayed:
1. Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada): 52.5%
2. Frankfurt Airport (Germany): 45.4%
3. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France): 43.2%
4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands): 41.5%
5. London Gatwick Airport (United Kingdom): 41.1%
6. Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom): 40.5%
7. Munich Airport (Germany): 40.4%
8. Athens International Airport (Greece): 37.9%
9. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (Australia): 34.2%
10. Orlando International Airport (United States): 33.4%
Rankings are from FlightAware data from May 26 to July 19.

These airports are the world’s worst for delays and cancellations this summer | CNN (Updated 22nd July 2022)

I write about this topic because I hope the reader can see the cumulative effects of what appears to be a deflationary cycle for the economy. There are times when acts of God could be responsible for an economic downturn, but not this time; these are acts of GOVERNMENT. On the list above, Orlando International Airport (Walt Disney World) was the only U.S Airport that made the top 10, which is understandable because it’s summertime and although Orlando has less than 300,000 people, this time of year I can imagine the traffic going through that airport.

I bring this up because Toronto is Canada’s BUSIEST airport, so you’d expect it to be a priority for economic matters because if there’s an economic slowdown during what should be Canada’s busiest season, that’s a lot of lost tax revenue for the Federal Government of Canada? I think the lackadaisical attitude toward the Canadian economy by Justin Trudeau is the result of the honeymoon he’s had to date.

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Trudeau has done nothing but spend, growing the deficit and pushing his agenda relentlessly; one could argue that Trudeau’s throwing money at problems has worked out well for him, his supporters still love him, and he appears disinterested in catering to people he imagines won’t lead to an increase in votes. As you’ll read in the article below, this is a Canada-wide problem, and their airlines point to the Federal government as the problem.

I did not know Unifor(a labor Union) was a family-dominated labour union, The Dias Family, in this instance, led by Leslie Dias, appearing loyal to Justin Trudeau, points to the Private Sector as the root cause of the problem, demanding a pay raise for the people they represent. Regardless of how you look at this, the pay raise for the employees is justified, but Justin Trudeau is the root cause, and these additional raise hikes are going to add to the fuel hikes and other inflationary consumer price hikes.

Canada is a regulatory nightmare, and regulations tend to create shortages and economic downturns. If you look at the top countries with the most summer delays, you’ll notice most are in EUROPE. The European Union has been a regulatory nightmare for a long time now. Europe’s nightmare is trying to creep into North America; I hope this trend will be reversed soon because what tends to plague developed nations are GROWTH problems.

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When you overly tax and regulate consumers, the economy suffers, and once the economy suffers, it’s a mess to clean up. The worst part of what Trudeau is doing biting scenarios in which a NEW market price discovery will be necessary. You have to remember that regulations are DEBASEMENT of the money supply. When employees demand a pay raise, it doesn’t necessarily mean consumers are going to get a BETTER service; it only means the DOMESTIC purchasing power of the currency is losing its value.

It’s now costing more time and resources to do the same job? This is because of new government regulations. These wage pay increases will be permanent, and I hope these mandates will one day be a thing of the past. Meaning that if the jobs of these workers lessen overtime, their pay will then be above market, which could equate to LAWOFFS in the future.

LILLEY: Pearson ranked worst airport for delays, Canadian airlines hit the top of the chart and it might get worse |

Interesting times ahead!