Is Anthony Morrison’s advertising profits from home a scam?

There are many people looking to exploit the desire of others to work from home. Promises of explosive profits – with minimal investment and efforts – abound to convince people to buy the latest big secret to making money on the Internet. While it is possible to earn a decent living by working from home, it is nearly impossible to do so without discipline and consistent efforts to make a business venture a success. Most people can avoid falling victim to a scam by simply investing their time to research reviews before making a financial investment. Hopefully, many people will take time to read this review about Anthony Morrison, one of the latest to market a work-from-home scam.

Who is Anthony Morrison?

Anthony Morrison is an entrepreneur amassing wealth by promoting his book, Advertising Profits from Home. Mr. Morrison’s face is familiar to those who watch late night infomercials. He uses this medium to promote seminar events and his books. The focus of Morrison’s products is allegedly to teach people how to become successful at making money from home. The book, Advertising Profits from Home, focuses on using Internet marketing and becoming an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model where vendors recruit outside sales people – affiliates – who promote and sell their products. Affiliates can earn a percentage of each sale that is a result of referrals. Anthony Morrison – and other so-called gurus of affiliate marketing – build courses and write books on mastering this model by selling snake oil and pipe dreams. This becomes a golden goose for people of Mr. Morrison’s ilk.

Advertising profits from home Website Information

Visitors to the website promoting Mr. Morrison’s latest book will find some interesting information encouraging them to purchase the book. For a low, low price, Mr. Morrison promises a book and DVD combo deal that includes all of his moneymaking secrets. For the easily skeptic, the site also displays testimonials from satisfied people who are making exorbitant amounts of money. All of this is available without any specifics of how this money is being made.

A bland message tells you to forget about everything you have learned up to this point. You are further admonished to let go of preconceived notions about the possibility of making money online. The book promises to show you simple techniques to have financial success.

The site also tells you that Mr. Morrison’s system includes all of the information you need to start and own an Internet business without upfront costs. This type of rhetoric traps people into believing they will achieve overnight success through affiliate marketing. Knowledge is power and certainly a must-have in any type of business venture.

Before You Buy Advertising profits from home

It would behoove anyone who is looking for a reputable way to make money from home to read a few who is Anthony Morrison reviews. While his book provides basic information, the information is not the best-kept secret. You can get the same information through a free online course or using a search engine.

Additionally, you will eventually pay more than the low price for the book – if you want to receive more details about affiliate marketing. After you buy the book, you are also charged a monthly hosting and maintenance fee to have a website marketing products. Now, you can pay nearly $30 per month to Mr. Morrison, or host your own site for less than $5 per month. This is clearly an attempt to take advantage of beginners.

You can find alternative sources for working from home, even if you want to master the concept of affiliate marketing. Remembering the old adage – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – will save you time, money and disappointing results.

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