Apmex.com Review

The global economy is currently in a state of flux. Smart people with an eye toward preserving their financial well-being have always valued precious metals during uncertain times. Apmex is one company investors turn to when adding gold and silver to their personal investment portfolios.

The difference between bullion and numismatic coins

An Apmex review would not be complete without a brief description of the difference between bullion coins and collectible coins with numismatic value. Bullion coins are valued for their metal content based on the prevailing market price at any point in time. Numismatic coins on the other hand often derive some additional value based on their rarity, condition, and popularity among collectors over a longer time span.

Unless a purchaser is a devoted and knowledgeable numismatist, most customers acquire gold and silver coins as a hedge against economic uncertainty. In the event of an economic collapse or a prolonged disruption of normal financial markets, these coins retain their intrinsic value no matter what the state of the economy is.

Apmex.com Constant Updates

One of the most valuable tools on the website is a constantly updated list of prices per ounce for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The customer uses these prices as benchmarks as he or she examines available coins on the website.

The company not only offers coins such as the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the famed South African Krugerrand but also pre-1965, 90%-silver coins from the U.S., a favorite among investors in coins. While there are many buyers who insist on mint-condition coins of excellent quality, there are perhaps even more who buy these old circulated coins for their precious-metal content alone.

Outstanding Customer Service

While the company has some of the best prices around for both bullion and numismatic products, it’s impossible to write an Apmex review without mentioning its outstanding customer service. In addition to the wealth of helpful information on its website, Apmex representatives are highly knowledgeable and informative. They know their business and yet don’t talk down to the novice coin buyer, something that is all too common in this industry segment. Customer account issues seem to be a rarity, but a buyer gets the sense that any problem will receive prompt assistance with a minimum of hassle.

Experienced and novice coin buyers will love working with Apmex. The company is just easy to work with and their sterling reputation speaks for itself. They provides good value, fantastic customer service, and an impeccable track record for delivering on what it advertises.

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