Apparently, David Akin (@davidakin) from Global News was swearing, shouting, and heckling Pierre Poilievre – Let’s talk about the CRTC and Canadian content rules first – September 13, 2022,

So, when you start talking about the mainstream media in Canada, it’s unfair to pin the blame SQUARELY on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Still, it’s been around a lot longer than The Department of Canadian Heritage(1993) and Industry Canada (IC), now known as Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, throw in the Telecommunications Act. You get a better idea of how BIG the Government is in Canada and how accustomed many of these individuals in these positions of power have gotten REGULATING what types of information get seen from Canadian media.

Now, although what I’m about to say might IRRITATE some Conservative people, I’m obligated to give the systems and PRIVATE corporations in my country a fair shake. Private media in Canada, if they want to avoid the heavy hand of government, have to adhere to the existing regulations. Sure they could swerve, ofcourse, every once in a while, but if they opt to do this, their SHAREHOLDERS might be angry.

I remember former Democrat Mayor of New York Micheal Bloomberg saying that Xi Jinping is Not a Dictator. When Bloomberg said says, it got me thinking, and to be fair, to Micheal Bloomberg, based on the CONTEXT of what he was saying, he made some valid points.

CRTC is not FORCING any Private media company to do or to hire anyone; however, if you’re a profit-driven entity, you can see why a David Akin is good for business. In case you missed the deeper meaning of what I imagine Micheal Bloomberg as trying to convey, it’s that anytime the Chinese people feel like it, they can topple their government.

I believe Micheal Bloomberg was trying to explain to the audience that these institutions are only as powerful as the people ALLOW them to be. Now I come at politics a bit differently; when talking about DEMOCRACY or mob rule, I’ll often resort back to Socrates and what he warned the world about Democracy.

Most of us imagine Democracy as this perfect arrangement when infact, it’s just as flawed as anything else. In fact, Democracy is so flawed that if I were a Tyrant, the first thing I’d do is take over the PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Then I’d take over the media, and then using whatever resources I had left; my final agenda would be to take over political DEMOCRACY, making voters imagine they have different options when in fact, they only have ONE.

For someone like me, Pierre Poilievre is not Conservative enough. To any of you leftist reading this, I’m the Conservative your Left Wing Gods warned you about; I want the OPTION of private health care in Canada, I want to abolish the welfare state, I want PRIVATE SECTOR education, and I’d I like poor parents to have the ABILITY using the money I’d gladly donate so that parents could PICK and choose the best SCHOOLS for their own children.

I don’t subscribe to this nonsense that parents don’t know what the best schools for their children are, word of mouth spreads, and women ESPECIALLY love to see SUCCESS STORIES, AND IF A PRIVATE SCHOOL is pumping out successful students, even a parent on hardcore drugs will know where she wants to send her child. I’m way more Conservative than Pierre Poilievre is that’s what I’m trying to convey in this paragraph.

But you see, Pierre Poilievre is too extreme for some people in the mainstream media; why? Because a lot of people in Canada’s mainstream media were hired not because they were the most qualified for the job; a lot of media personnel in Canada were hired because the private entities that employ them didn’t want to employ Chief Political Correspondents, that would be difficult to CONTROL.

Quebec MP Alain Rayes leaves Conservatives to sit as Independent after Poilievre win |

Yes, I’m insinuating that David Akin may indeed be a spoiled brat who threw a temper tantrum because Pierre Poilievre Guarantees Justin Trudeau WILL NOT win a majority ever again. I’m not one of those who will claim Trudeau can’t beat Pierre Poilievre; the NDP, Greens, and Liberal voters can consolidate under Trudeau, and he could beat Poilievre, but they’re NOT going to win a MAJORITY, meaning there’s no reason for Trudeau to call a snap election, meaning we could be entering a scenario in which Trudeau might be forced to step down, because of his incompetence!

The tweet above was retweeted by David Akin; it says:

Pierre Poilievre attacks Alain Rayes, who has just announced that he is leaving the CCP and will sit as an independent;
“Mr. Rayes chose not to fight Justin Trudeau’s inflation. His constituents think like me in his constituency, they voted for me”

Jean Chrest had a slim chance of beating Trudeau. If Charest beat Trudeau, it would have been because he went further to the CENTRE of the political spectrum, meaning that he would alienate actual Conservative voters and would be forced to govern, similar to how a Liberal government would govern. In Alberta, the centrists-Conservatives are having a hard time keeping their Subjects in line; the calls for SEPERATION are growing louder in Alberta, but for a lot of Centrists and Leftists, they see things differently; they feel as though they’ve almost DEFEATED Conservatism, which is what Jean Charest represented to them.

Pierre Poilievre upsets the applecart; it’s not that he goes as far as I do, but he gives credibility to what people like me are arguing for, and that makes people like David Akin almost useless because you have to remember some people in the mainstream media, are being PROPPED UP. After all, a large chunk of the PUBLIC is ignorant of how things operate in this country; imagine if Pierre Poilievre starts motivating the public to DIG A LITTLE DEEPER and do some independent research. Imagine people start…God forbid…embracing INDIVIDUALISM😨

In my post, you’ll notice that I almost describe David Akin as a VICTIM. In the United States, some employers have to be careful when they’re hiring some minorities because AFFIRMATIVE action allows certain minority groups privileges not afforded to racial or ethnic groups imagined to be PRIVILEGED.

One of the major flaws in COLLECTIVISM is that unqualified people can rise to the top; most of us know Justin Trudeau is UNQUALIFIED for the position he holds, BUT… you have to admit, Justin Trudeau is a damn good salesman. If I didn’t know any better, the CONFIDENCE in Trudeau’s voice might make me a believer; ignorance is BLISS, after all, but waking a sleeping elephant is TERRIFYING if you’re accustomed to manipulating those under your influence.

Pierre Poilievre accuses mainstream media journalist of being “Liberal heckler” | True North


When you understand what “Change” sounds like, it will rub you the wrong way; a lot of people, in GENERAL, like for certain types of information to keep a secret, and Pierre Poilievre is saying things that could CHANGE the entire trajectory of this country. A lot of CENTRIST Conservatives are fearful of certain types of information being made public or debated because Left Wingers will misinterpret or manipulate what is being said and potentially SUCCESSFULLY use FREEDOM and LIBERTY against those of us who are fighting for it.

As a Capitalist, socialists might say, do I want private corporations having control of the water? Even though this already exists with property rights, it’s a legitimate question. When I can’t answer that question in a Yes or No format, the socialists can run with that and argue that the government should have control of as much of my life as possible.

When people are properly educated, SOUND BITES can move a country in the wrong direction extremely fast. It’s ONE of the many reasons most people do not like to think critically about things, and when you can’t talk or speak freely, you start to get a lot of CENTRISTS scared to rock the boat. I don’t think David Akin is a bad person, he is who he is, but it’s important to understand that Canada has a tyrannical Prime minister because of Centrist Conservatives. Who were scared to have TOUGH conversations?

entire generations in Canada have now reached adulthood without EVER hearing the points of actual Right Wing thinkers. Racism, as many people know, does not work with CAPITALISM; Hitler was ANTI-CAPITALISM, ANTI-LIBERTY, and ANTI-FREEDOM, but you’d never know that if you listened to Conservative or LIBERAL media because all WHITE people are “suspected white supremacists” according to the new trends, so whether you’re a fiscally conservative Liberal, a Conservative or a libertarian, we’re all viewed as RACISTS and therefore anything we say is viewed as racist.

I consider this a serious threat to democracy, and we need to push back, somehow, because Pierre Poilievre wasn’t going to answer questions, David Akin who I assume wanted to test Pierre Poilievre, got angry. David Akin is not a bad person, but media bias clearly exists, because had David Akin done this to a LIBERAL candidate, David Akin knows he would quickly be labeled a WHITE SUPREMACISTS or if it were a woman, he’d be labeled a sexists, whatever it is, David Akin would have likely had to step down from his position or recieved harsh criticism if he did what he did to anyone who wasn’t a Conservative, but yet he felt COMFORTABLE taking that type of risk against Pierre Poilievre?

My goal in the post was to make sure you’re paying attention to what’s happening in Canada, because as I’ve state several times, Justin Trudeau could be the Prime Minister until 2025 and a lot can happen before then!

Interesting times ahead!