New scam different face different style. Now whenever i write these posts I try to get at the heart of the problem instead of just telling you the reader that this is a scam. By getting to the heart of the matter i think you the reader can make an educated decision based on the information i am providing. That’s the reason why if you look at the title of this blog post it says “marketing information one blog post at a time”.

Sometimes I am wrong so you will seldom see me say such and such a website is a complete scam. Anyway lets get into Personally I am seeing these ARA lifestyle ads on maybe you are seeing these ads somewhere else i am not sure but this again goes to the reason why i keep telling people to use google. I know there’s allot of people out there that like using yahoo and msn and there’s nothing wrong with that, i use them from time to time myself but the reason many of us support google is because google rewards honest business practices.

I Seldom use MSN and Yahoo to do my searches

MSN and Yahoo in my opinion on the other hand are available to the “HIGHEST BIDDER”. What this means is that on yahoo and msn expect to see allot of deceptive advertising practices. I’m sure google has deceptive advertisers to but as many internet marketers find out google punishes practices like these by hit the advertiser in the wallet. seems to have one goal in mind from my perspective and that’s to recommend products to you. Not just any old products but trial offer products and borderline scam products. The website seems to have been built by professionals who are targeting unsuspecting customers with flashy promises and quick results. My advice if something is too good to be true it usually is and don’t hand over your credit card just because some website is making claims of fast results.

Online Trial Offers EXPOSED

Another thing i want to get into is Trail Offers. No repeat after me once I see the word trial offer I will read the terms and conditions before giving out my credit card information. Repeat that previous statement please because i have a ton of stories on this blog from some very nice people who fell for these trial offer scams.

I’m hoping when you are reading this it’s not to late. if you you did fall for one of these trial offer scams please leave because of a recommendation from then please leave your stories below. By not sharing your story you are helping these scams to continue help warn your fellow citizen and get the word out. Putting a stop to these scams starts with us.

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