Article Marketing Versus Blogging

Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of Article Marketing, I was first introduced to article marketing from wealthy affiliate actually I was introduced to it earlier from other sources but wealthy affiliate was the only place that made actually go out and try it. The results well my results we’re not so good and personally to this day I still consider it a waste of time. When I see the internet I see vast opportunities for people to grow there own business and there own brands so it always puzzles whenever I see people spending so much time writing for article directories.

Are People being Mis-Informed by Supposed SEO experts and Guru’s

Personally I feel the internet is filled with outdated information and the fact of the matter is most people still subscribe to this useless information. At the time I am writing this there are lots of supposed SEO experts upset with Google, Yahoo and Bing because all the information they’re selling to people is turning out to be untrue. To anyone reading this most of the SEO experts really know less than I do. Most of the SEO experts are still using techniques that worked 5 years ago but that are irrelevant today.

Article Marketing is one of the things, sure article marketing can help you get back links and build traffic to your site but that doesn’t mean your site will be a huge success. I keep telling people having a bunch of useless backlinks can actually hurt you more than it helps you. Google’s Matt Cutts has already said this and it’s like people aren’t listening. The problem is most SEO companies don’t want to tell their paying customers sir/madam your website sucks and no matter what we do Google/Yahoo or Bing won’t keep your website ranked on their first page.

Instead these SEO companies try and pressure Google to change to suit them and their clients. For those of you who don’t know I follow all of these things my company handles SEO and this topic alone is the reason why I only work with bigger companies, i’m not being harsh i’m being honest and most of the time when I write I am trying to cut through the B.S most of you are being sold.

Why I Choose Blogging over Article Marketing

Blogging is opportunity most of you don’t even realize the reason for blogging. The reason for blogging is updated content, most of you have this idea in your head that blogging is all about back-links. There are blogs online that have little to no back links and their number one in the search engines do you even know why this is? The fact that most people don’t even know this makes me laugh. Google and major search engines want unique content and they want people to find exactly what they’re looking for? I mean you can spin that anyway you want to but any smart person can read in between the lines.

I choose Blogging and the blog platform I choose is I use article article directories the same way most people use Blogs the company I work for operates in the exact same way and with minimal effort the companies that choose our service still continue to dominate the search engines. My advice is in battle between article marketing and blogging is to choose blogging.