Scam my oh my, you and I are very close to having problems. Hopefully i can update this blog post with nothing but positive things to say but at the moment and I are very close to having issues. I operate multiple blogs and websites and have quite a few business to business ventures i am involved in so yes i do have ghostwriters. I’ve tested them all I will admit i do spend a lot on advertising and testing. i do this mainly because i also do coaching and training to help people make money online. get your act together

Whenever I make recommendations it’s because i’ve tried the product. So yes i am trying and at the moment i am giving them the benefit of the doubt. I think they’ve just jumped on the scene and quite possibly they didn’t realize how much traffic this industry yields. What i am getting at is that my orders are LATE is over a week late with my orders.

I REALLY did place an order with

For the record I am not just some guy making this up a preview of their paypal information ”

Business Name: Web Article Services    (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)

I Won’t call Artisor a Scam just wait but…

Now for the record this is not me officially calling a scam it’s just me telling you they better get their act together soon. Or refund me my money. For any person thinking about getting into this niche this is not something people play around with. Articles online is money not mention with me anyway my SEO team has to now wait while I wait on

I have to wait and see how this thing unfolds before i give my final verdict, To the people at please get your act together.


Thank you to Anthony for his comment. An update on well after i filed my Paypal complaint I received my first article. It was horrible the article had errors in it and i could tell that used some sort of either spinning software or writing software to create the article. I had to fix the errors on my own I was going to reject the article but i didn’t bother “you get what you pay for”. My second batch of articles had three articles in it errors on all three I WILL NEVER use again. Its obvious to me they are using some sort of writing software. After i placed my order this what was displayed under their business contact info.

Business Contact Information
[email protected]
+91 919841011255

The key is their customer service url before placing your order you might want to take a look at that webpage.