As Canada Strays from Judeo-Christian, The Number of police officers killed while on duty is soaring in Ontario, Canada, according to the Ontario police association president – December 29, 2022,


Whether it’s the Christian or Athiest Left, individuals on the Left Wing portions of politics are trying to imagine a new world. These people tend to forget that many people have ZERO interest in obeying the law. If you’re a Christian, you’re well aware of the Ten Commandments; most Christians obey the ten commandments, well if you’re a new-age Christian or if you’re an atheist, laws, in general, are SUBJECTIVE, I’ve even heard some people say it’s only a crime if you get caught.


Criminals have a right to exist; who are we to impose laws on these people anyway, correct? Well, not so fast, because if I’m bound to laws and criminals are not, won’t the criminals eventually win the war of attrition? If a particular group of people claims a particular portion of land, and a system the inhabitants imagine as “JUST” is established, it is what it is.

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Now, terrorists can spring up in this conquered land, and these terrorists can pursue their own agenda; if the inhabitants decide that their conquered land is not worth fighting for, the terrorists will eventually win. Humanity is an IMPERFECT species, and we are doing our very best to bring prosperity to the planet; on the flipside, there are others with their own agendas, and if we’re not careful, these criminals, as we define them, will take over.


In the United States, a lot of cops are killed every year by criminals, and millions of Americans will even CHEER the death of a cop. Individuals who hate law enforcement will argue that the police officers wronged them, and I’m certain that in some instances, this is true; police officers are indeed flawed individuals, but what is the CBC article below arguing for?

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To me, it sounds like the article below is demanding that the government either give the police more security or more POWER. When I read the article below, it appears rooted in a tyrannical agenda. Ontario is either IMPORTING criminal behavior or maybe we’re ABANDING what made Canada glorious and free. It’s not easy to assist humans into imagining something larger than they are in hopes that they will be GOOD people.


Great philosophers had to SELL people on being good and law-abiding; these ideals were sold to us in exchange for FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Politicians are trying to sell us on Big government security, which equates to the government becoming God.

Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, he has legalized Pot on the Federal Level. Personally, I’ve spoken to potheads; some are nice, while others are indeed violent, and more so when they’re under the influence of drugs.

Drugs can rewire the way a person imagines the world; some imagine hallucinogens as only having positives. I disagree; although hallucinogens do help some, they’re debilitating to others. If someone with a low IQ consumes hallucinogens, it’s unlikely that this individual’s IQ will improve, there is, ofcourse, the RARE instances n which this does happen, but it’s not the NORM.

Am I saying drugs should be illegal? No, that’s not what I’m arguing, but what I am arguing is that there are TRADEOFFS when politicians engage in popular politics without looking into the side effects. It’s now public policy in many regions for the public to be forced to subsidize free drugs to drug addicts. Now, one has to ask, what message does this send to criminals?

There are political movements that want to defund the police; you have to ask, what message does this send to criminals? If I’m a criminal, I might even imagine myself getting a hero’s welcome from specific segments of the public for causing physical harm to law enforcement. I’m in no way calling Judeo-Christian values perfect, but without these values, society looks a lot different.

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In many Latin American countries, many are Christian in name, only harboring left-wing ideals that they imagine should supersede “outdated” Christian ideals. I argue that this is one of the reasons so many Latin American regions have the problems they have. A specific group of people with a specific type of thinking built the western world. Keep this in mind while popular politics seeks to destroy everything that was built.

Number of police officers killed while on duty ‘unprecedented,’ says Ontario police association president |

Interesting times ahead!