As The Cost of GOING TO WORK gets more expensive – Canada faces a record wave of retirements as it grapples with a historic labour shortage (Let’s Talk Austerity Measures) – April 28, 2022,

As the current Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau goes to war with fossil fuels, with no real plan on how to replace them, the cost of living continues to get increasingly expensive for people who have to spend money to go to work every day. Now, one of the benefits of retirement is not having to spend as much money on gas, you may also be able to cut down on your food intake because now that you’re no longer working you don’t have to eat as much.

You can also cut back on buying clothing and other things that I can’t think of at the moment. The point I’m trying to make here is that retirement allows individuals to cut back on their COST OF LIVING, which is why as consumer price inflation rages on, people who are eligible for retirement are seriously considering it. The real problem with retirement now is that Baby Boomers promoting a lot of DUMB IDEAS.

One of the dumb ideas that were championed by Baby boomers is the welfare state. If we’re to be fair, the baby boomers didn’t kick start the welfare state, that came before them, but the baby boomers championed the welfare state, which also included having FEWER children in exchange for “solving” more social issues. Well, now it’s time for these baby boomers to retire and the Central banks of the world can’t normalize interest rates because if central banks normalize interest rates, the value of retirements will drop like a stone.

TECHNOLOGY, Market Crashes, Retirement, Deflation, Big Government, and ZERO demand for Austerity Measures

But because technology has actually made the cost of living drop, the real problem I see in the stock market potentially crashing is the artificially high cost of living, which is only high because of all the government involvement in the economy. You see technology has really destroyed the need for the welfare state. People who love the welfare state are on life support, which is why the oligarchs who want to hold onto power are now attacking freedom of speech.

Money aside, with GMOs and technology in general, a lot of protected industries like Real Estate Agents and Taxi cabs, are only still in existence because they’re PROTECTED by the government. If they weren’t protected by the government, forget Uber and AirBnB for a second, and all sorts of ride-sharing and room-sharing apps would rip into this market share.

Technology is DEFLATIONARY and being that we’re in the Conception-Information age, in which humans are better understanding how Big Government is making the world WORSE not better, it’s only a matter of time before more people start to see that the Federal government should stick to things like military operations and leave the economy alone.

Well, I’m saying this with the assumption that people have a desire to shrink the size of government, which is not the case n the year 2022. But why retirees should be concerned about this is if there’s a market crash, the likely outcome will be SHORTAGES. Inflation in the currency tens to result in SHORTAGES, big governments create SHORTAGES and when shortages become normalized, this doesn’t equate to there being a demand to shrink the size of government, quite the opposite, there might be a demand to INCREASE the size of government.

For some, they imagine that solving this labor shortage problem is as easy as opening up the borders, but the evidence suggests that the new rivals in Canada are consuming more welfare benefits than Old Stock Canadians. Making matters worse a lot of these new arrivals are also voting for Left-wing political parties, they’re even getting involved in the political process to enrich themselves.

It’s not a rule in Canada that you learn Austerian or even Keynesian economics before becoming a Canadian citizen or even getting into Canadian politics. You can be dumb as a box of rocks and become a politician in Canada. Furthermore, if the Main Stream media likes your political views, they’ll cover for your economic deficiencies.

Trudeau’s weakness is clearly the economy, but you wouldn’t know that if you listened to mainstream media, who wants you to believe that consumer price inflation is the result of greedy participants in the private sector. I can’t change how people think, but what I can do is look at the mood of the country. Is Canada ready to shrink the size of its government? I certainly don’t think so.

The likely outcome of all of this is SHORTAGES! a shortage of labor is not something you should simply ignore, a shortage of labor equates to shortages of STUFF! This is something to keep in mind as the size and influence of government balloons in the Canadian economy

Canada faces record wave of retirements as it grapples with historic labour shortage |

Interesting times ahead!