Atlantic Canada Socialism: Justin Trudeau’s Recent Tax hikes To Buy Votes Likely Won’t Win Him Majority, 33% of Canadians Will Benefit From His Tax Rebate Transfer Payments Scheme – September 22, 2022,


In the last Federal Election, Justin Trudeau, oddly enough, won 160 seats and earned 32.62% of the total votes from Canadians. Many of us point to The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) as the main reason Justin called the SNAP election in 2021. For those of you unaware, The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was basically Justin Trudeau sending free money out to Canadians because his government decided to shut down certain parts of the economy.

Now, one would have assumed this free cash giveaway would have led to Justin Trudeau winning a MAJORITY. Still, to the shock of Trudeau’s handlers, Central Canada wasn’t as receptive to his wealth redistribution schemes as his government at the time imagined. If you go back to 2021, Justin Trudeau should have won a majority; Erin O’Toole by far, was one of the WEAKEST Conservative candidates Trudeau had the privilege to run against.

When Trudeau won his majority in 2015, Stephen Harper, in May 2013, was coming off the second WORST approval ratings in Canadian history (23%). Add to that Trudeau was legalizing Pot, and you can see why Trudeau won a majority. But since that huge win, Justin has relied on BUYING VOTES to keep his popularity above nearly 33%.

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What was interesting about the 2021 election was the rise of the People’s Party of Canada which managed to earn 4.94%, which SLICED into Trudeau’s popularity, The People’s Party of Canada is a party I’m watching because if that 5% number holds up while Pierre Poilievre likely slices into Trudeau and Jagmeet Singhs total votes, it would be very interesting to see a Prime Minister with reigning at 30% of the TOTAL votes.

Total votes don’t mean you’ll become Prime Minister, but it does indicate a SHIFT in Canadian politics; that’s why that People’s Party of Canada number is something to behold. In Total, The Communist Party of Canada and the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada managed to get; I think it was 11,000 votes total in the last election; the Communist Party of Canada has been around since 1921.

The Marxist–Leninist Party has been around since 1970, you’d assume by now their ideas would have made a dent in Canadian politics, but instead, the opposite is happening. One could argue it’s the failure of the Left Wing Party in Canada that is the culprit, but you can never be too sure.

Atlantic Canada has been the most reliant on TRANSFER PAYMENTS; why most people focus on Ontario and Quebec is because Central Canada decides elections(Yes, I know it’s not fair), so Atlantic Canada is often ignored, as is Western Canada, but Trudeau’s policies appear to be alienating central Canada more and more and this shift as decentralized and scattered as it presently is, could be reshaping Canadian politics, potentially not at speed Conservative voters would like, but at a rate I like, because it could lead to a Renaissance in this country.

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A Renaissance CAN NOT happen when the government is large; Big Government can’t create a Renaissance period, the Renaissance of the 14th century to the 17th century promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature, and art. Some of the greatest thinkers, authors, statesmen, scientists, and artists in human history thrived during this era of LIMITED government.

The Renaissance era was the breeding ground for modern capitalism, Capitalism started around the 16 century, and its creation was the main reason people began to ABANDON slavery when the British declared war on Slavery and abolished it in 1807; Capitalism had become a PROVEN alternative to collectivism, sure Capitalism was still in its infancy, and there were still questions surrounding it, but the idea that a better system than slavery existed started to take shape as more people were getting rich WITHOUT using FORCE to EXPLOIT others.

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Left Wing ideologies revolve around using the FORCE of the State to socially engineer the hearts and minds of people. For believers in Left Wing ideology, they imagine a Renaissance era as the worst thing that could happen to their social engineering plot. It’s not a secret that Left-wingers love to use CENSORSHIP. Whether you’re talking about National Socialists, Democratic Socialists, or Marxists, Censorship is at the heart of their social engineering plot.

FUREY: The Trudeau Liberals remain obsessed with censoring Internet |

The Liberal Party of Canada is trying to censor the internet. Now, for some of you, it’s hard to imagine this could actually happen, but it happened with the television, one of the main reasons Canadian content sucks is because of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications(CRTC), which by the way, was POPULAR during amongst some circles in Canada when it was created, because back in the late 60s and 1970s Censorship was widely viewed as a GOOD thing for society.

After the Renaissance, believers in Big Government declared WAR on freedom and Liberty, the Left Wingers, want the STATE to define and decide every aspect of what Freedom and Liberty are. Because without that power, Social engineering can’t survive. How this relates to Justin Trudeau is that Atlantic Canada often leans to the Left Side of the political spectrum because they’ve become 100% reliant on TRANSFER PAYMENTS.

If you’re living in Atlantic Canada, you’re the most likely to have Socialist views, and why shouldn’t you? Atlantic Canada has been a perpetual recipient of transfer payments. A lot of Canadian scholars have written extensively on the topic; Trudeau won BIG in Atlantic Canada and would likely win big again if a SNAP election were called; for a lot of Left Wingers I listen to, they imagine that FREE MONEY forever without worry is within their grasp.

Maritime provinces vulnerable to any future changes to equalization program |

The Maritime provinces have come to this conclusion because they’ve been the PERPETUAL beneficiaries of transfer payments; imagine for a moment that you knew your government was BADLY run, but year after year, money from the Federal government showed up? Unless you had morals, explain to me why you’d VOTE to end this gravy train. Why would you vote to end or even alter transfer payments if this stolen money was helping to finance your province’s Welfare State?

Stolen too harsh a word? Maybe, but if you didn’t earn something and only received the benefits of other people’s labor because of political law, the results of your behavior and voting patterns will likely mirror the voting behaviors of a THEIF. You’ll even justify the theft in your own mind, and once you justify stealing from others, it would only be natural that you’d then seek to SILENCE your opposition with CENSORSHIP laws.

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Social engineering works this way; in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR), it wasn’t uncommon for children to rat on their parents to the State. Once social engineering takes root in a society, morality becomes what the State says it is. So when you see people cheering on Justin Trudeau when pushes for CENSORSHIP laws, understand that this comes from the WELFARE STATE, which Transfer Payments are derived from.

Without Transfer payments, BAD IDEAS are quickly exposed as BAD IDEAS. It’s okay for people to believe in Socialism, but these people should have to LIVE UNDER the socialist laws they vote for. If Alberta votes for Liberty and Freedom and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island vote for Democratic or a variation of National Socialism, and Alberta gets rich while the Maritimes get poor, the Maritime Provinces shouldn’t be REWARDED with the wealth derived from Alberta.

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Transfer payments actually equate to Albertans working hard for the benefit of ABLE-BODIED people who vote NOT to work hard. So when Trudeau makes it law that certain segments of Canada will benefit from GST rebates, his vote-buying scheme appears to align with the total votes he’s getting during the election, which is 1/3 of the total votes.

LILLEY: Trudeau’s plan to tax Canada into prosperity will fail |

This obviously means that Trudeau has no future path to a majority government if vote buying and censorship are the only political tools he has in his toolbox. With that said, this doesn’t mean Trudeau can’t win a Federal Election, but I’m curious to see what percentage of Canadians will continue to vote for LIBERTY. Because in 2021, that number reached 38.68% (Conservatives 33.74% + People’s Party of Canada 4.94%).

From what I understand, Pierre Poilievre is not only taking votes from Trudeau, but he’s also taking votes from the NDP. Is Pierre Poilievre taking votes from Maxime Bernier and the PPC? Maybe, but if he’s not, the PPC might be the new NDP for Conservatives and for someone like me; better than winning an election is winning over hearts and minds; in many ways, Justin Trudeau is HELPING the Liberty movement in Canada If that number of votes for PPC and the Conservative Party of Canada can reach 42% in the next election, 50% is just around the corner.

TERRAZZANO: Trudeau government not serious about making life more affordable |

Interesting times ahead!