Austerity Measures Are The Easy Cure For Consumer Price Inflation. But We’re Clearly not there yet; Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland lays out $8.9-billion affordability plan to tackle inflation (Bill C-11) – June 17, 2022,



First and foremost, allow me to establish that Bill C-11 which from an economics perspective is ANOTHER government regulation on the Canadian, that in order to implement will require a Bigger government, which also includes more costs for consumers, freedom of speech aside, Bill C-11 is a government redistribution scheme

The bill, known as C-11 in Parliament, updates the Broadcasting Act to include streaming platforms such as Netflix and requires them to follow Canadian content rules. The bill’s scope has been hotly debated, with platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify raising concerns about how the law will affect them and their users.

MPs rush over 150 amendments to streaming bill, Senate says it won’t be pressured |

Now that you better understand Bill C-11 from a financial perspective, let’s talk about Dental Care, something most Canadians DID NOT vote for, because one of the reasons the Liberals were able to ram through Bill C-11, is because the NDP and the Liberals made a deal and part of the deal was dental care. In a nutshell, people who otherwise refused to pay the OUT OF POCKET costs of dental care will now be the beneficiaries of another government redistribution scheme.

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Meaning that Canada’s best dentists may soon see a flood of new customers, with potentially unrealistic demands, that will now put Canadian dentists in the crosshairs of the political establishments. Making any portion of dental care a RIGHT will lead to an explosion of additional costs for Dentists who will have to pass these new costs to governments/taxpayers

Liberals still mulling delivery of dental care as clock ticks to fulfil pledge to NDP |

In the face of consumer price inflation, Canada’s current finance minister who is under no threat of election for the next few years, has decided that now would be a good time for a stimulus package for Canadians? Sounds like the right thing to do right? Well, the cost of borrowing has gone up recently and it’s becoming more expensive with all of these regulations for Canadians to pay the money back.

Asset price inflation and consumer price inflation are not the same, even if interest rates come down, you have to remember that not every Canadian is a beneficiary of asset price inflation, and depending on how high consumer price inflation goes, consumer price inflation can have the effect of making your asset price inflation worth-LESS on the market.

If the CONSUMER costs for everything go up 20% and the value of my assets rises 20%, there still is a COST for me to borrow money? Now, I’m writing as if asset prices are on the rise or will be on rising in the future. Right now, asset prices are on the decline which means as consumer prices rise, access to debt is SHRINKING, especially for those already reliant on debt to survive.

Chrystia Freeland lays out $8.9-billion affordability plan to tackle inflation |

If I’m to be positive about this recent spending spree the Liberals have proposed, it appears to revolve around the Canadian dollar being WORTHLESS in the future. Because of Consumer price inflation, and some of the recent tax changes, the Liberals made, they got a tax windfall, the problem that I don’t think they’re anticipating is that there’s a lag with consumer price inflation, meaning that as more money goes to taxes, which was the case when the Liberals forced online companies to put sales taxes into their prices, consumers have FEWER dollars to spend.

Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels is another tax Canadians have to pay and this has recession written all over it. Now, to cover up deflationary activity, the Liberals want to spend more money on the economy, with the hope that they’ll get more back in taxes than they’re planning to ship out? This could work in the SHORT term, but these Universal Basic Income schemes DESTROY productivity and create incorrect pricing signals all over the economy, which will likely exacerbate the not economic problems.

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The easy cure for too much government intervention in the economy? AUSTERITY measures, but I don’t think we’re there yet, before we get to common sense, a lot of dumb ideas might have to happen first. We are indeed repeating history because we have not learned from it, the difference n the modern era? In the forex markets, what these Liberal moves actually do is REPELL investments in the Canadian economy.

Meaning that a lot of investments in the Canadian economy may come from people who are misinterpreting the economic and financial data. When governments began sending stimulus checks during the pandemic, the price of BITCOIN as an example spiked, why? Because a lot of people were the beneficiaries of money/resources they didn’t earn. A fool and his money are soon departed, the price of Bitcoin almost shot up to $70,000USD, currently, Bitcoin is STRUGGLING to stay above $21,000USD?

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The Bitcoin rally started under Barack Obama, and accelerated under Donald Trump, why? Because people were anticipating Stimulus Spending forever. Why can’t there be stimulus spending forever you ask? Because people who get money for free usually don’t WORK hard or are smart, because they know the government will bail them out. Even businesses might hire people, based on government stimulus, all of these incorrect pricing signals equate to DEFLATIONARY economic activity once the stimulus runs out.

This is why some people call it QE INFINITY, meaning that Quantitative Easing, which all revolves around government spending will NEVER end, which isn’t true because as we’re ALREADY observing, SHORTAGES are becoming a huge problem, a war was sparked and is being financed because of the war on fossil fuels and productive people are being PUNISHED for being productive, it costs more to go to work, meaning your take-home pay is less, which equates, to DEFLATONARY spening.= and in the case of the Canadian government more spending.

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In closing, I remind the reader that the Government of Canada, which is already in record levels of debt and imagining itself to be smart because the last time it spent money it got a cash windfall, is UNABLE to run the economy without stimulus spending? A person with common sense, after getting a cash windfall would pay down the deficit? instead, the Canadian government not even during an ELECTION cycle is looking to buy votes, which gives you a glimpse of how bad things are and austerity measures aren’t even being discussed right now!

Interesting times ahead!