Review – Is it a scam?

Needle Advocate Marketing, which you can find at, is a company that serves other companies who would like to grow their business. The company does this while providing work at home opportunities for those who are qualified.

More about Needle Advocate Marketing

To begin working with Needle Advocate Marketing, you’ll have to create an account with them and fill out the questionnaire they provide. Aside from providing your basic information, the questionnaire would also help determine the company the areas you have an expertise with.

There are different kinds of jobs available at Needle Advocate Marketing. You can start working as a content provider, customer service agent, or by being part of the marketing team that helps build a pool of loyal clients. Unlike other work at home opportunities, you will not be paid with cash for the job you do for them. What you’ll be gaining instead are points on which you can use to purchase items from the company’s online store.

Final thoughts on

There are several concerns for companies like Needle Advocate Marketing. It’s worrying that they don’t pay its members with cash for the tasks that they complete. What’s more worrying is that they don’t specify how many points a member has to earn to start buying items from its store. They also don’t specify what kind of items one can get from their store using the points they give.

Your time and energy are better spent on legit work at home opportunities that actually pay you money or are straight to the point of telling you what you can get in exchange of your points.

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