Auto Pilot Marketing Review – Is it a scam?

Auto Pilot Marketing of is a program that claims to be the “Blueprint to Internet Success.” It further claims that it can provide you with the essential resources that can help you succeed in your home business. All that it requires are high speed internet access and a telephone.

When you sign up at Auto Pilot Marketing, you will be provided with a step by step blueprint in creating your own home business and how to be successful in it. In addition to that, you will be provided access to a team of instructors who will serve as your personal business mentors.

More about Auto Pilot Marketing

The web page of Auto Pilot Marketing features a 1 and a half minute video that you have to watch as part of the initial process. You will then be directed to an online form where your basic contact information will be required. Another video, this time around 9 minutes long, will be presented. This video shows testimonials, setting up the Auto Pilot Marketing franchise, and overview of the  18 Months to Freedom training program.

The last part of the process will ask you to fill out a questionnaire which is said to be part of their screening process. It will ask you of your age, your schedule, and whether or not you have the time for their system.

Final thoughts on Auto Pilot Marketing

None of the videos from Auto Pilot Marketing mention the kind of business opportunity it offers. Another thing to be wary about is its questionnaires are asking you of personal and contact details. Many companies use this type of strategy to extract information from users and sell them to third party companies.

Auto Pilot Marketing could appear to be reliable if it states the kind of business it offers and how its system works.

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