Review Is It a scam?

It’s crazy to me that these questionable sites are still in operation so many of them have been shut down and then what happens is they create the same scam and give it a different name. It almost feels redundant for me to tell people not to sign up for these sites however it must be noted that new people are coming online every single day so when they see and hear about sites like they might be inclined to believe the hype. Actually when I first got online I fell for a quite a few scams myself.


Most people will get to one of the Automated paydays websites via a page that looks something like the  webpage. For those of you not aware is not a real news website in fact it’s nothing more than an advertorial and its sole purpose in case you didn’t notice is to get you to sign up for Automated paydays which can be found at both and just to name a few.

There could be other websites for anyone interested in knowing there was a similar scam to this one called How these things typically work is they get you to sign up by making everything seem easy and then they up-sell you making you believe things will get easier if you give them more money. As far as the website goes they lure you in with the “Single Mom Makes $7,397/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!” then when you get to one of the websites they seduce you with fancy words like “In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Work At Home Job That Could Earn You Up To $87 An Hour”.

For the record most people that make money online are earning money online because of their commissions or sales. So if you think that you’re going to get a set pay rate of $87 per hour like you would at a 9 – 5 job you’re wrong!

Final thoughts on Automated paydays

To be quite honest with anyone reading this I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money I personally will have nothing to do with or however if you want to sign up with them don’t let personally opinion or the evidence I’ve presented you with stop you from joining them. I’m sure we’ve all done some pretty stupid things with our money one way or the other. That being said I wish you all the best!

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