Avon Pyramid Scheme

Is Avon a pyramid scheme well it sure looks like one unfortunately this practice is legal it’s called Multi-Level marketing not my thing but it is legal. How a pyramid scheme (also called a Ponzi scheme) works is ok I will name it “Joes pyramid scheme” how it works is I get sally to pay me $50 and tell Sally to find recruits to build her pyramid Sally then gets jack, bill and ted, who each pay me “Joe” $50 each I then use a portion of their $50 to pay Sally.

The difference Between a Pyramid Scheme and Multi-Level Marketing

I find Pyramid schemes pretty dumb, I also find Multi-Level Marketing even dumber because it makes the person who signs up work twice as hard then he or she would had they just been doing a regular sales job. Ok let me explain how Multi-level Marketing is “legal”.

Using Avon for example Joe joins Avon but in order for Joe to get a higher commission Joe must “recruit” other people to Avon so let’s say Joe recruits three people Bill, Ted and Jason. Once bill, ted and Jason make a commission (if they make a commission) Joe will get a piece of that commission. That is really the only perk to Multi-Level Marketing. In my view Multi-Level Marketing makes your job as Salesman/woman twice as hard, plus you’re dependent on the success of your down line if you wish to achieve the success talked about in MLM recruitment presentation.

MLM works for some but not for me. I want to show you something I found to be very entertaining when I looked for pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing check out the pics below the first is a pyramid scheme and the second is multi-level marketing do you see much of a difference?

This first Pic is a straight Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme

this pic can be found at http://scams.wikispaces.com/Pyramid+Sales

This next pic is Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing, MLM

Multi-Level Marketing is not my thing at all. I used to do welding and at the sheet metal place I used to work at there were some ladies who sold things from Avon I used to feel bad for them because they tried to get people to join which made them look desperate none the less they we’re trying to make their lives better for themselves so I’ll leave it at that.

I personally do not endorse or recommend that anyone sign up for Avon but don’t let my personal views or opinion stop you from signing up.

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Internet Marketing Explained and my Personal Story

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