Avon Review Is It a Scam

This article is about the business model of Avon not the products themselves, personally i’ve never used any Avon products so i can’t review the products themselves but reviewing the Avon business model is easy.

Avon in terms of business is an MLM, meaning if you want to be successful at Avon your going to have recruit like minded people to you business in order to make a decent income. MLM which is an abbreviation for multi level marketing is the legal form of pyramid scheme. The difference between an MLM and actual pyramid scheme is MLM’s have a product for sale where as pyramid schemes dont have a product sale and are using new members money to pay old members money.

Why I’m Not a Fan of Multi Level Marketing MLM

Multi level Marketing

Personally I don’t recommend getting into Multi level marketing because I think it’s pretty dumb and it’s way to much work but it has worked for some people. If your at the top or you have the ability to fight your way to the top of the pyramid which means recruiting allot o f people then I would say get into it, but if all you want to do is sell products than I would say STAY AWAY from Avon.

The Life of an MLM Sales Rep

MLM’s make your job as a sales rep twice as hard not only do you have to sell you also have to recruit if you ever met a Avon Sales rep you might notice that he or she will be trying to get you to join the business under them. This is so that sales rep can make money every time you make money. There’s nothing wrong with this it’s just from my perspective I don’t like it. On that note Avon is one of the most successful MLM’s of all time, a person can work for them part time and they work for them full time.

Just because I don’t like the Avon business model doesn’t mean you can’t become successful with Avon, there are tons of success stories from Avon sales reps and i’m sure if you work hard enough he could be the next Avon sales rep. By no means is Avon a scam just understand what you’re getting your self into before you sign up. If you’re interested in learning how to work from home free click here