B.C. implements more paid sick day policy on Saturday-Meanwhile Able-Bodied people on Government Welfare get paid 365 not to pay their fair share to society – January 1, 2021

One of the main reasons the cost of living is so high in Canada is because Canada’s working-class via income taxes, sales taxes, and all the other made-up municipal, provincial, and Federal taxes Canadians pay are used to finance PERSONAL and corporate government welfare. Now, it’s one thing to have unemployment insurance, that I’d even be open to extending to a year because at the very least the people taking unemployment insurance have contributed to the country.

But it’s something else when Canada’s productive sectors are getting shafted by government people and/or UNPROFITABLE government-dependent corporate entities not paying their fair share to society. Here’s what’s often missed about these paid sick days and other supposed government perks, people used to be able to rest from their jobs because prior to all of this boated government even unskilled workers were able to save.

Prior to big government, yes there were spendthrifts, yes there people for thousands of years who live beyond their means, and of course, these workers would often run to the government to rectify their reckless spending, but instead of merely being upfront with people that spending beyond your means is not wise, we’ve built this big government monstrosity.

Via technology the cost of living has come down sharply, the price that hasn’t deflated is the price Canadians pay for government and the regulations Big Government implements. Employers would love to be in Canada, but the various levels of the Canadian government have regulated low-medium and high-skilled jobs out of Canada. The high skilled jobs that remain because of regulations and the failure of Canadian public schools have labor shortages?

You might miss the point I’m making here, but why are so many people on government welfare for years, if we have labor shortages in Canada? The culprit is government policy, government regulations, government misallocation of resources. This bothers me because nothing is more important to the Canadian standard of living than Canada’s working classes.

In the real world, where there’s an abundance of jobs when a Canadian worker wants a break, he/she and their employer can hammer out those details. Canada’s working class aren’t a bunch of slaves, and they shouldn’t feel like they’re being enslaved, the idea of money is supposed to be that if I work for a $1 what that dollar buys me today should be able to buy me more in the future, because innovation brings prices DOWN, not up!

Direct deposit as an example, saves the need for a mail person to deliver a cheque in the mail, which saves fuel, manpower, labour, etc. This drives down costs for everyone and technology has been doing this for years now, thereby allowing humans to workless based PRICE deflation.

Government price gouging for the Welfare vote has prevented things like housing as an example from deflating in price, the government manipulates the cost of borrowing money so that personal and corporate welfare can flourish, which causes consumer price inflation, and then the government comes out to the working class and say, look at what I’ve done for you, now you have a 5 day paid vacation?

End the corporate welfare, normalize interest rates and allow bad big government ideas to fail.


B.C. implements more paid sick day policy on Saturday | delta-optimist.com

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