if you are into Network marketing otherwise known as multi level marketing otherwise known as pyramid scheme building then the Numis Network might be for you. As you can tell by their presentation everything in their system is automated. So all you will have to do is advertise or market their business.

Why I Don’t Like Network Marketing

Personally i don’t like Matrix or pyramid schemes because they cost to much to join and they also cost to much to maintain. When thinking about Multi level marketing personally i feel like if i join i will be trapped. the price tag for Numis Network is $542 usd. Online MLM’s usually cost this much or/ they will cost you a monthly fee sometimes both.

Before signing up i just want to remind you that you are responsible for promoting the Numis Network. From my perspective this is back words marketing or backwords sales. In my world (internet marketing) i am paid a commission to sell peoples goods are services I never have to pay someone to sell their business to other people. To me i would feel like a sucker if i paid someone to promote their business. That’s just me. On the other hand i am willing to pay for information to learn how to make money online.

The way how i make money is from Internet marketing suppose i told you it would only cost you $10 to learn how to make $1000’s a month would you take me up on my offer also suppose i told you there’s a community of like minded people as will as a support team in case you do not understand soem of the information that is in the ebooks would you be interested. if you answered yes I would like for you to click here oh by the way this also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

In the defense of Backed By Results there have been people who have been successful in Network Marketing but as you know with pyramid looking schemes it’s usually only a select few that make it to the top if you think you are one of those select few give the Numis Network a try and please share your results. Thanks for reading my Internet Marketing Blog best wishes!