Is backlinking dead in 2013?

Is back linking dead in 2013?

Is back linking dead in 2013?

I’ve been writing about this since 2009 when I just started this blog that Paid traffic is and always will be the smarter way to go. If you’re trying to play Google or manipulate Google you will lose and all your work and all the time and money you spent will go down the drain. Is back linking dead in 2013 of-course it is all back links are losing value and even governments are going after Google for allowing certain sites to rise to the top of their search engine.

Back links only have value if real people are using them so if you plan on using backlinks to raise your position in Google be warned that your position in the search engines will be at risk. As many of you know I’m an advocate for pay per click marketing, I’m also an advocate for paid web traffic the reason I’m an advocate is because these methods are both cheaper and they’re faster. Plus people generally respect paid advertisers over organic ones the only thing that will hinder you when it comes to paid web traffic is the presentation of your website. So if you plan on using paid web traffic its best that you’re website doesn’t look like

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