BackLinks Deception

What you don’t know will be used against you. This article is based on my experience and also my opinion it doesn’t make what i am saying true or false. Back links has always been a topic i enjoy talking and arguing about. because allot of website owners spend hours and lots of money on back links only to find out that all that hard work is going to waste. Back links are important it can give you an edge on your competition but it’s really not the whole story as a matter a fact having allot of backlinks can actually hurt you in the long run especially if you don’t keep your website monitored or up to date.

Most people get back links to improve their SEO rank for particular keywords but what many of these people still don’t know is that Google is watching. Not only is google watching but google is actually calculating also. by this I mean the google bot is calculating your relevance for the keyword you are fighting for. How long are people staying on your website, what are users doing once they get to your website. So having allot of back links and having a bad website is actually worse than having no back links and having a bad website.

Make a Website about a topic you Love

When building a website in my opinion its best to build it on a topic or subject that you enjoy talking or writing about. People search for things mainly to find experts on certain topics an expert online is usually a person that can sum up a complicated issue in a few words about 250- 500. Human beings typically have low attention spans we want to know it quick fast and in hurry this is why writing too much in some instances might hurt your search engine ranking on a certain topic. Having thousands of back links to solve this problem in most instances won’t help you in fact it might hurt you or get you banned.

I like to remind people not to fall under guru spell. Most guru’s made their riches through some sort of Pay Per Click marketing or email marketing or using both together. After doing this most guru’s make the process go viral. Have you ever signed up for something only to learn that they recommend you sign up for something else. It’s viral marketing and the process goes on and on and on. In reality the viral marketing component is the number one reason why the guru’s get so many FREE Back Links.

Comparing a Free Back Link to Back Link you paid for

Free Back links:A free back link is a link someone gave you, a free back link is usually viral its a link provided by affiliates or people who found value in something you were offering. A free back link usually gets real people who need some sort of direction to you and your website(s). A free back link can turn you or your website into a powerhouse over night. A free back link is worthy of debate, comparison and even argument in some instances. Free backlinks make you and your website relevant.

Back links you paid for:Paying for a back link is like saying i have no friends will some body please talk to me. If you can pay for back links you can pay for pay per click marketing or pay to get into email marketing. Paying for back links can get you banned from search engines not only that but many times these supposed back linking systems will never disclose where you will be getting a back link from. Paying to get back links also warns the search engines meaning even if it does temporarily help your rankings eventually the search engines will catch on. because ones things certain you wont be the only person using that back linking system. So even if the website is a PR9 its back link value might lesson based on the terrible websites its recommending. My advice is to avoid this route altogether.

My Recommendation

My advice is learn pay per click and email marketing neither one is hard. they only become hard when you are doing it on a subject that has no interest to you. If you do something just for the money you will always be almost broke. My advice is to do something for the love of it. Especially online the money will come. The internet is an international marketplace Google adwords as an example as international searchers many of you are missing out on ALLOT of easy money. None the less i wish you all the best please leave any comments below.