Bad News for Canadian DEBTORS: Canada’s trade surplus swells to 13-year high, signaling economy stronger than expected and potential central bank interest rate HIKES – January 7, 2022,

To those of you who know that how the government calculates this data is pure B.S, I know it too, but people like us who believe in a sound Austrian style financial system aren’t in charge, the Far-Leftist are in charge and the consumer price inflation that Justin Trudeau and his far-left cabinet have caused give the illusion of a stronger economy.

We’re now in an era in which would be unfair to John Maynard Keynes and even Karl Marx to call this monstrosity a product of Keynesian economics, or marxism at the very least Keynes and Marx was for the working-class men and women, Modern Leftists are Pro-Corporate and Personal Welfare, and they’re actually at war with the working class, regulating every industry including the public sector workers to meet their ever-evolving regulatory objectives.

In short from a fiat monetary perspective this equates to all the numbers having to inflate in order to keep this economy afloat. Canadians don’t appear ready for austerity measures which are broken promises by the government, I assume this will have to be forced upon them via the economic REALITY. Tiff Macklem has a major problem on his hands and it’s the data put forth in the article, points to interest rate hikes.

Now, with that said the Left-wing financial wizardry is what it is, and although financial wizardry ignores labour and other shortages in the economy, it won’t stop politicians from changing the narrative as they always do. That aside, I don’t see an appetite for austerity measures at the moment, meaning that inflation is likely to continue to run rampant, especially as Canada becomes increasingly dependent on IMPORTS!

The further behind the 8-ball, the Bank of Canada is, the harder the economy will likely crash. The benefits of Canada having what is considered a world reserve currency, benefit international Canadian business people who export, but has dire consequences for business people who rely on Canadian consumers to turn a profit. Sure retailers in Canada can raise prices to offset Justin Trudeau’s stupidity, but I’m already reading about idiots wanting to put price controls on gas prices?

Remember that Justin Trudeau helped to create the higher gas price problems with banning pipelines and signing up for the Paris accord, but people have a short memory and if you’re dependent on government welfare, chances are you support idiotic fiscal policy. So for myself, I expect more inflation moving forward and you’d be wise to position yourself to benefit from rampant inflation. My opinion will change only when I see a NORMALIZED interest rate policy enacted, which obviously results in cuts to government spending.

a controlled interest rate hike will not stop inflation, SHORTAGES equate to real inflation, wage labor has no interest in working in this overly regulated environment in which their wage increase is being eaten up by consumer price inflation. On the stock market side, large parts of the markets will anticipate the central banks reversing course once it comes to the central banks’ attention that controlled rate hikes aren’t stopping inflation.

Canada’s trade surplus swells to 13-year high, signalling economy stronger than expected |

Interesting times ahead!