The Bank of Canada and The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Could Make Canadian Housing Affordable For The WORKING class today – May 5, 2021,

The first thing I’d like to point regarding the current state of the Canadian Housing Market is that The Chinese Communist Party has basically annexed Hong Kong. Now if I were a DISARMED Hong Kong citizen, the first chance I got and I don’t care how much the cost I’m moving to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the U.K. Canada and Australia based on the cramped lifestyle of living in Hong Kong moving to Canada gives you the best bang for your buck.

I say this because even if central bank interest rates were at 20%, chances are there would still be demand for the Canadian housing market. Is the price of real estate in Canada bloated? Well, that depends on how you look at it, if you believe that the Canadian dollar will be debased, maybe you’re getting ahead of the Canadian dollar debasement, or if maybe you’re buying now to sell at a higher price later, then I’d say that it does make economic sense based on the current position of both The Bank of Canada as well the mortgage insurer of this financial stupidity the CMHC to pay a premium now.

The entire Canadian economy via the Bank of Canada is being incentivized to buy housing, and quite frankly, if Canadians have forgotten that a mortgage is a death pledge and a house is a money pit, who am I to convince them otherwise. I believe in most Canadian cities home inspectors are disappearing because after all if buying a home is now like buying a stock, why should anyone care about getting a home inspected if there’s a problem pull out the equity and use that money to fix the problem, furthermore if there’s basically a guarantee that the price of real estate is going to go up, why not tear down that old house and build a new one?

All of this malinvestment comes with a price, but that price as it stands now will be paid somewhere far into the future. A lot of Canadians believe that the crash for the housing market is coming soon, I disagree, because all of Justin Trudeau’s spending is being financed by the Bank of Canada, and all that debt was put into existence with the expectation that interest rates will be low for the foreseeable future.

Canadians are anti-Austerity measures, Canadians are willing to pay for all of this government meaning and they’re not willing to pay for it with taxed dollars, the governments preferred tax is silent tax known as the inflation tax, so despite what direction the Canadian dollar goes in the Forex markets, Canadians living in Canada better get used to higher cost of living with fewer benefits!

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Interesting times ahead!