Bank of Canada ignores Inflation data holds interest rates, rewarding malinvestment – January 26, 2022,

The nonsense continues, the Bank of Canada(BoC) which can clearly see the consumer inflation data, decides, not to raise interest rates. If I’m, to be honest, there doesn’t appear to be any appetite for austerity measures or regulation cuts(as if there ever was), so I expect the “shortages” problems to accelerate. When does this end? I argue it doesn’t, inflation accelerates poverty, and the people who don’t understand the root cause of the problem, which will be the majority, will eventually find themselves in a PERMANENT cashflow negative position.

When massive amounts of bankruptcies start to occur during a rock bottom interest rate policy, that’s when you liberty lovers should be warned of the great reset agenda. You have to remember that the cheap money fuels bad government policies, this is not so much about asset prices rising, it’s about the government buying votes. Government buying votes, corporate welfare, regulations that protect the aristocrats this fuels malinvestment, which leads to shortages.

As an example, one of the root causes of inflation is energy prices, via Trudeau’s climate change agenda, and additional regulations on the economy via covid-19 mandates. The regulations aren’t being challenged at the moment, and I don’t see them being challenged in the near future, so it would be wise to prepare yourself for more inflation, even if interest rates rise in the future. Because so many Canadians are either in debt or dependent on government welfare, expect many will cheerlead tyranny, even if they imagine they’re not!


Bank of Canada holds interest rates amid surging inflation |


Interesting times ahead!