Bankruptcies rising In Canada Even With Low 1.75% Interest Rates – January 11, 2019

I’d like to remind my conservative readers why I will be voting for the People’s Party of Canada and why I will not vote for the Conservative Party of Canada this coming election when a conservative takes over the Federal government I’d prefer he or she pushes back, even that Prime minister only gets a 3-year term they’d be a hero in my book. I never voted for Justin Trudeau, I hate all of Justin Trudeau’s policies and I hope Justin Trudeau is voted out in 2019, however, it should be noted that most of everything Justin Trudeau promised his voters he would do, he did!

A large number of Canadian people believe that they can get something for nothing because the Conservative Party of Canada knows the truth but they don’t have the heart to tell voters. Therefore everytime the Conservatives clean up a Liberal mess, the Liberals will simply create a new one. The current Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz was hired via former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I wrote about Stephen Poloz’s disastrous policies for years, I knew this would happen and again there was no reason for Stephen Poloz to lower interest rates, to begin with.

If Canadians remember the Canadian dollar under Harper reached parity with the United States, this happened about a year before Harper was up for re-election, the reason this happened primarily is that the Canadian Loonie is petrodollar a commodity based dollar and once the U.S dollar appears to be in trouble, good money travels to area’s where it knows reliable commodities are. So, the U.S crash was Canada’s gain, however as Maxime Bernier pointed out Canada has a corporate welfare problem and because Canada’s current economy is built on selling bulk shipments to U.S customers, we have to incentivize what would otherwise be U.S companies to make their homes in Canada. So, soon after Mark Carney exists his role as Bank of Canada governor, Stephen Harper installs Stephen Poloz and the moment Poloz is installed as the BoC chief he goes out of his way to find any moment to cut interest rates.

Poloz created the Toronto housing boom, there wasn’t a housing crisis in Toronto, there never was, even to this day there’s an abundance of rentals, what Poloz did by cutting interest rates is he signaled to the banks that it would be a long time before interest rates in Canada would be normalized, so banks, financial institutions, and consumers went on a buying explosion and now these very same people are in huge amounts of debts, that they can’t get out of. Worst than the debt they’re in is the cost of living increases that occurred because of these artificially low interest rates.

The prices Canadians now pay for foreign-made goods can actually be made in Canada if a smart politician ever realized the interesting situation Canada found itself in. Canada as I’ve been saying for years now, inadvertently created possibly the best economy on planet earth if… it shrunk the size of government, ended corporatism, end domestic price controls like supply management and had a politician that said listen, we’re going to cut welfare spending, end corporate welfare and work together to normalize interest rates. If this politician simply told Canadians the brutal truth, even if this politician was voted out in 3 years he or she would probably have a cult following once, the Canadian public realized how much more we were paying for things with Liberal, NDP or Conservative politician.

Why as a politician you have to push back against Leftism is because Trudeau’s appear because Liberals and the Conservatives sound too much alike, what Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have actually done inadvertently is they’ve made the NDP irrelevant, with the exception of foreign corporate Welfare where the NDP is against, the Liberals and the NDP are basically the same. Why the Liberals thought it best to go with Justin is that Stephen Harper, for the most part, had hijacked Paul Martin’s Liberal-Conservative movement, but Harper during his run as Prime minister walked on egg-shells working very hard not to rock the boat. eventually, this caught up to Harper and Canadians excluding me, of course, voted in Justin Trudeau.

In Canada we all know, crown corporations, unions and all the other price controlling Marxist based cartels love Liberals in power because, Liberals historically have been in the business of vote buying, therefore certain Marxist derived laws can get passed under the Liberals under the guise of social justice or helping the poor. Marxists have a hard time winning debates, if you research Karl Marx, what you’ll notice is that debating wasn’t really part of what he did, he was a philosopher who oddly enough died of Bronchitis.

Justin Trudeau is not good at economic debates, which is okay with a lot of Canadians because in the minds of many Canadians deficits don’t matter. When you work for the CBC, which is a Crown Corporation dependent on public funds via the taxes taken by the Federal Government, there’s no penalty when you do or say something that’s wrong or factually incorrect.

When you combine corruption in politics with corruption from the Bank of Canada, the path you’re heading down is one of Hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is going to hit Canadians unexpectantly in a way that’s going to be hard for them to understand. The current economy we as Canadians are enjoying was built based on a normalized interest rate environment. Poloz changed all of that, and Justin Trudeau’s policies made things even worse, what hasn’t happened in Canada yet are the massive bankruptcies that hit the United States, what I’ve been saying for years is that Canada’s crash is going to be a stagnant one, meaning one of these days our economy is going to come to a grinding halt and because Poloz lowered interest rates so low and most Canadians maxed themselves out with debts already and because the barrier to entry into the business market in Canada is so high, the only remedy for the market to deal with this will be hyperinflation of the Loonie. They’ve already fazed out the penny in wouldn’t surprise me if the nickel, dime and Quarter coins get faze out in the not too distant future.

Now, sure, Canada could go the deflationary route but because Poloz artificially lowered interest rates in Canada when he didn’t have to we’re talking about 11% interest rates minimally to take all the bad money out of the system, making matters worse will be the politician in power who will have to know instinctively to cut back price controls and regulations. I don’t see that type of harmony or brain power amongst Canadian Politicians today, which is why I see hyperinflation in Canada’s future. Consider reading the article below, it’s very insightful.

Bankruptcies rising with Cdn interest rates – The Canadian Press – MSN

Interesting times ahead.