Review – Is it a scam?

BD Playbook found at is a training program for those who are interested in improving their business skills. Although it keeps mentioning about starting a business, business development, and the tools and support it offers, it’s not clear as to what type of business support they offer or to what niche they can actually be of help.

More about BD Playbook

Compared to other business development resources, BD Playbook is pricier (costs over $200 as of this writing). According to its creator, signing up as a member gives you access to a lot of helpful resources for leveling up your business. Once you get this product, you’ll instantly get 6 fully loaded modules and 3 invaluable bonuses.

Each of the module focuses on one aspect of business development. It covers concepts like mindset, business development strategy, approaching partners, pitching, the deal funnel, and inbound opportunities. The one-time membership fee also provides access to interviews of top BD professionals and community of like-minded people.

Final thoughts on

The inclusions of this program look good but it’s just hard to tell if this works for anyone regardless of niche. They didn’t specify the kind of business people who can benefit a lot from this; hence, it fails to convince the audience why it’s worth investing on their training program. This is a ClickBank product though so if you end up dissatisfied, you can ask for refund.

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