Slim in 6 of is a fitness and weight loss program that claims to reshape your body in just 6 weeks. The secret behind this program lies on Debbie’s exclusive Slim Training technique, a combination of fat-burning cardio and light resistance. This technique will help you slim and sculpt your body targeting your midsection, thighs, hips, and arms.

More About Slim in 6

By signing up in the Slim in 6 Program of for $430, you will be receiving 3 easy-to-follow workouts. These series of workouts include the Start It Up! which introduces you to the basic Slim Training moves, Ramp It Up! which aims to burn more calories as you accelerate your results, and Burn It Up!, the 3rd part of the program that takes the slimming and toning to the next level.

Aside from the 3 easy-to-follow workout DVDs, you will also be given a guidebook to help you get oriented with the program, motivational calendar to track your results, and slim tracker. Signing up will also grant members with bonus gifts like Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide, Slim and 6-Pack and Slim & Limber workout guide, free online access to diet and fitness tips,  6-Day Express Diet Plan, Cardio Core! Express, and slim training band.

Final thoughts on

The Slim in 6 Program of has a traditional approach on weight loss and that is combining workout and right nutrition. Although it’s more of the workout side, it still touches the other part of weight loss management. It’s the ideal program for those who wanted to lose those extra pounds without resorting to ‘instant lose weight’ products.

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