Beauce Conservative MP Richard Lehoux “I am for the Vaccine Passports” – September 19, 2021

I don’t know much about Beauce Quebec, but I’m very curious to see if Maxime Bernier can win his seat there. His opponent Richard Lehoux is very pro-establishment to the point that he is for the Vaccine Passport. Richard Lehoux is definitely a Conservative Party player, he doesn’t appear to care much for his job, and there doesn’t appear to be much political substance to the man, he’s in the position he’s in because Maxime Bernier left the Conservatives and he was the runner up.


When I write about the Conservative Party machine current member of parliament Richard Lehoux fits that description perfectly. Whatever is good for the Conservative Party of Canada is the blueprint MP Richard Lehoux will follow. Is it a recipe for success? Possibly, again I’m not familiar with the Beauce riding, the demographics, what’s most important to the people there, etc.

Conservative MP for Beauce defends refusing in-person debate with Bernier | RebelNews

I personally believe that Maxime Bernier winning Beauce should be a top priority but if he loses Beauce, it wouldn’t be the first time. What’s most important for the People’s Party of Canada is to win something. Leader of the Green Party Annamie Paul hasn’t won her seat either and if she were to win her Ontario riding that would be a devastating defeat for the Liberals, but the PPC’s goal at this point is to win something even if that something is only a larger percentage of total votes.

Based on his demeanor I can see why Richard Lehoux wouldn’t want to debate a more passionate Maxime Bernier, there would be no gains for him and if the voters of Beauce have the attitude that their goal is to defeat Justin Trudeau, there’s nothing Bernier can do to change that, except for… change ridings, which is what Jagmeet Singh was forced to do when his popularity in Ontario declined.

Interesting times ahead!