Because of the Canadian governments STUPID method of reporting Covid cases – The U.S. issues ‘Do Not Travel’ warning for Canada, The U.S lowers travel warning for Zimbabwe😂 – January 10, 2022

So yeah, the stupidity in Canada continues, and hey, who can blame Americans, for protecting themselves from our stupidity. The idiots in charge of running Quebec as an example deemed it wise to fire Nurses who refused to get vaccinated, which obviously equated to a labor shortage. This screams of incompetence by the government, but you know how it is with these idiot Canadians, “how dare American’s issue a travel warning against us, we’re better than them, we should retaliate and ban Americans from entering Canada😂.

Not to say the American system is perfect, but they don’t have the burden of Universal health care, the only problem America has is a dumb President and a few dumb Governors, and a bunch of dumb mayors. But it’s a State by State affair in the United States, in Canada, universal health care equates to one size fits all, meaning if the Prime minister of Canada makes a dumb decision, all the Premiers are forced to make even dumber decisions, which is why as an example in Quebec, their idiot Premier in response to health care staffing shortages HE CAUSED issued curfews for everyone in Quebec.

Anyway, Canadians like their Big Government, and they like to imagine that Canadian perceived security is much better than American freedom. Ok, ok so my favorite part of the article below is that says “The CDC on Monday also lowered travel recommendations from Level Four to “Level 3: High” to Armenia, Belarus, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.😂😂😂” Come on it’s funny.

So in the continent of Africa, vaccinations are about 10% I think, in Zimbabwe I think about 60% of the population is vaccinated, Zimbabwe has about 14 million people and closing in on 8 million people are vaccinated, yes, I’m inflating the numbers a bit, but their vaccination rate isn’t as high as Canada’s, but how they calculate data is different. The way Canada collects data because there’s a nursing shortage is to create MASS FEAR and panic to scare you unvaccinated low-lifes into getting vaccinated😂

Now if the idiots in government would leave the people who don’t want to be vaccinated alone, there wouldn’t be a need to inflate the data, but if you watch Canadian news, every chance Canadian media gets to scare people it does so, in Canada if you die with Covid, they’ll claim that you died BECAUSE of covid. The CDC doesn’t have time to inspect all of Canada’s data so when Canada reports it’s data, the CDC reacts based on how it measurements it’s data. Not every country, calculates covid data the same, in some countries if some healthy person is in a car accident and dies, and it’s discovered that they also had covid, some countries will include that death as a covid death.

Furthermore some of these tests are inaccurate, the Canadian government knows this, but there are staffing shortages in hospitals and well, we have universal health care and when Canadians imagine a service is free they’ll use it and abuse it, so when people feel sick off to the hospital they go, because after all health care is “free” in Canada and it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

U.S. issues ‘Do Not Travel’ warning for Canada |

Interesting times ahead!