Review - Are they legit? Review – Are they legit? is fairly new as of 2013 to they’re office is located in London, United Kingdom and they’re processing Processing Entity is UKTVM Ltd. They’re legit and like many of the other brokerages their minimum deposit amount is $250. This is kind of high in comparison to some of the other more established brokerages but on average this is the minimum deposit amount.

Their minimum withdraw amount is $100 except for wire withdrawals which are $200. Features wise doesn’t really stand out among it’s competition however they do provide good up to date information and it’s not like their platform is all that bad. Personally I think Empire Options is a better platform and it cost less to get started but this doesn’t take away from what Bee Options has to offer.

If you’re new to Binary options consider checking out the BeeOptions ebook which goes into detail how it works and how can assist you in reaching your investment goals. Another source for good information on Binary Options is the binary options website which also has a video presentation on how this type of investment works.

In general is worthy of consideration any questions or concerns you have about them should be directed to their customer support team

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