Is Bellamora International Group a Scam

Anytime a new network marketing company launches the common question people want to know is… “Is it a scam”. I personally don’t think Bellamora is a scam but I personally won’t be a part of their money making opportunity. I’m personally not a fan of paying to be an affiliate or paying a company just so that I can sell their products. That being said Bellamora unlike other network marketing companies has what seems to be an excellent product and I think based on their presentation that they will achieve outstanding results.

More Details On Why I won’t be Joining and Why You Might Want To Consider Joining Bellamora

I’m a former door to door sales men turned Internet Marketer and the reason I chose to become a door to salesman was the freedom it provided me. At the time I could go to work when I felt like it because I was paid off commission plus unlike a 9 – 5 job my income potential was limitless. The one problem I had with doing door to door sales was mainly the time I spent working hard to build someone else’s brand. Bellamora like many other marketing companies is looking to build its brand and has put plenty of proven methods into place to help their affiliates to succeed. That’s really great but where my problem comes in is that you have to pay to become a Bellamora affiliate.

As I said earlier I never had to pay to be a door to door sales man. Although Bellamora International Group is not a door to door sales job the point is if you choose to work for them full or part time you will be obligated to pay them upfront and also on a Monthly basis. An argument can be made to say well that’s a small price to pay to be a part of business and yes that’s absolutely true! all i’m saying is I don’t like having to pay someone an upfront or monthly fee just so I can get paid off my commissions.

One other thing i’d like to say regarding the differences of traditional sales and network marketing is in Traditional sales its not the salesmen’s job to recruit people. A traditional sales job will usually have Human Resources and Administration handling recruitment. This is both the advantage and the disadvantage of network marketing. The advantage is that because the salesman is the one doing the recruitment the salesman can potentially earn more re-occurring revenue from his/her recruits commissions. This also trickles down meaning once your recruits finds recruits and those recruits start earning commissions you can earn a portion of all your recruits and/or down-lines commissions.

Although that idea sounds enticing the truth is that just like any other sales based job most of the people who join will quit or won’t make any money. For me this is just another reason why I don’t like Network Marketing because to me you wind up working twice as hard. Always remember there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme, in traditional sales the price you pay is if you don’t work you don’t get paid, in Network Marketing companies such as Bellamora the price you pay is that you have to recruit at some point if you want to earn a substantial and residual income. This combined with some of the other points I’ve mentioned is why I choose not to get involved.

Should You give Bellamora a Try

I don’t like people telling me what to do so I won’t tell you. If Bellamora International groups presentation was something you liked and was something you can see yourself doing I think absolutely you should give it a try. My advice is to contact the person who sponsored you and ask him or her the questions you need answered. A good sponsor will work hard to make sure you succeed because they get paid when you do. So if you’re going to sign up for Bellamora my advice is shop around for the best sponsors that way your chances of success will significantly increase.

The Bellamora Compensation Plan

The Bellamora’s compensation plan is similar to a pyramid at the date i’m writing this you can see their compensation plan once you sign up as a free member and go to your Bellmora members back office. But from what I was shown their compensation plan looks something like the image below. I advise anyone reading this to contact a Bellamora sponsor or a Bellamora representative for more information on their compensation package before signing up

Bellamora Compensation Plan

Bellamora Compensation Plan

By looking at the image above and also realizing the cost to join Bellamora you can clearly see the income potential but just remember there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme so again my advice if you’re going to sign up is find a good sponsor and also be prepared to work hard. The key to success with any network marketing company is sales and Recruitment so if you choose to be a member of Bellamora my advice is be prepared to recruit people and also be prepared to have fun.

If you’re interested in alternative ways to make money online for free please visit the Work From home page. I wish anyone signing for Bellamora International Group success please leave your comments or experiences with Bellamora below it helps others.