How Bernie Sanders Became A Millionaire? Bernie Doesn’t Do Donations!

There’s always a theme I notice with Socialists, most of them don’t like donating, I find that Leftists often find excuses not to donate, they’ll say oh this charity doesn’t do enough or they’ll make an excuse of why they don’t have any money to donate. But a word to the wise for all you collectivists, most rich people do a lot of donating, it’s just that we don’t talk or brag about it, in fact, we don’t like to be exposed for the amount of money we donate. Donation of time and money is important for the soul, capitalism actually has little to do with money, it actually has more to do with giving humans a purpose in life.

When you volunteer your time or work off of commissions you often stumble on things you’d otherwise never learn about. Volunteerism is powerful and it’s harder to volunteer when a socialist raises the cost of living via government decree. Bernie’s a career politician, his life was dedicated to social justice, but try and remember that he’s not blue collar worker, he’s never been a blue-collar worker, he’s never owned his own business and even though he’s lived a life of privilege he doesn’t do much donating? Sure he’s no Donald Trump but it’s a shame how little this man donates.

Quick question if businesses stop hiring can unemployed people pay income taxes if they’re not self-employed? Who pays income taxes and sales taxes to the government the business or the individual? If wages are artificially raised via Bernie Sanders’s minimum wage proposal, will it be easier or harder for a new business to hire people in the United States?

If you lived by the mantra that the rich should pay more, the moment you become rich yourself wouldn’t you consider paying more in donations? Anytime God provides me with more I donate more, I believe in Karma, in fact, if it weren’t for taxes I’d donate even more than I do now. As a small business person I get paranoid near tax time because as all business people know, the government can bankrupt you if you don’t pay your taxes on time. So I’m confused with Bernie Sanders, I hope his supporters will pressure him to be a charitable giver because as an example Bill Gates basically wiped up Malaria in Africa. Now, if they were like Bernie, giving about 1% to charity, Bill and Melinda Gates wouldn’t have made the impact on poor peoples lives.

If you’re of the impression that Democratic socialism in America will help Africa, well please understand that socialism whether it’s European regressive tax style socialism, Japanese socialism, Venezuelan, Russian or Cuban Socialism, the history of socialism coincides with economic stagnation, because once bureaucracy gets into anything, the economy slows down. Now, China offers partially free market communism, but then the American people will have to completely submit to the state and accept that all property belongs to the Chinese Communist Party or I guess the Bernie Sanders Democrat Party of America.

Bernie is who he is, but try not to imagine his something new, no, Bernie has existed in many parts of Western Europe and even in many parts of Europe, they’ve completely abandoned minimum wages and higher income taxes in favor of regressive sales and VAT taxes. You don’t want to raise minimum wages in conjunction with an additional Sales tax, it’s a recipe for what’s happening in France, which has a high minimum wage, high-income tax rate, who added to all the aforementioned sales taxes and then added a Carbon Tax.

Anyway, I’ll stop there because I can write about this stuff all day. Behold Greedy Bernie Sanders!
A $575,000 house on Lake Champlain VACATION HOUSE, when you’re telling the rich to pay their fair sare LMAO! You socialist believers are straight suckers! I don’t care what anyone says if you’re a socialist you’re a sucker! This is the common theme with all socialists, do as I say not as I do. I need a giant private property, but you stupid common folks, no you work together in a co-op together, while I your socialist King Bernie make these greedy capitalist friends of mine pay their fair share. You socialist guppies are morons! If Bernie becomes president prepare to get poorer.

Interesting times ahead