BestVibe Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews, ‘Best Vibe’, currently found at, appears to be legit and not a scam. To keep this post short, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase of BestVibe can email them at [email protected]; with the email you used to make your purchase, along with your order I.D.

Finding LEGITIMATE Reviews for BestVibe is hard; I’m not sure what reviews are real or fake. I could verify that a Chinese company owns BestVibe there is no address on their website, but the contact information on their website states the following:

customer care address is [email protected]

Online Time: Monday to Friday: 9:00 pm – 5:00 am

Other ways to contact us:

You can also chat online with us via Live Chat.

Just click the Live Chat above the search box, we will answer your question immediately.

Honghua (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd.

Room 1101B, 11/F, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

CR: 2860124

When I’m looking to solve a problem, I’m usually open to anything, so if BestVibe has what you’re looking for and you can afford the risk, give them a try. With that said, I will not be recommending them at their store at this time. A lot of what you find at can be found on Amazon. As an example, the 3 in 1 Rose Toy Vibrator for Women.

Rose Toy Vibrator for Woman - 3 in 1 Rose Sex Stimulator Clitoral Tongue
The 3 in 1 Rose Toy Vibrator for Women is currently very popular, and you can read LEGITIMATE reviews for yourself, and also, I forgot to add that the refund policy at Amazon is a lot easier than the refund policy. So if you’re skeptical if these sex toys are for you buying the 3 in 1 Rose Toy Vibrator for Women on Amazon is probably a better option for you.

The actual most popular sex toy as of the date I’m publishing this is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator which, as I’m writing this has over 58,000 confirmed reviews from very opinionated people, which will allow you as a potential buyer to decide if this is right for them.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

I wanted to add some value to this post, which is the main reason I added these three alternatives on Amazon, but truth be told, there are plenty more; I’m merely pointing out the most popular options on Amazon to date. Last on my list is the G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Heating Function; what clearly separates this option from all others is that you can LOOK at the G Spot Rabbit Vibrator and see its potential; with the others, you might need a video presentation; whereas with the G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, it was destined to be a best seller.


Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

In closing, as it relates to the online store, any questions or concerns you have regarding their services should be forwarded to their staff directly; in good faith, I can not recommend their service at this time; I added what I believe is relevant information to help prior to making any purchases with their online store. Cheers!

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