Review Is It a Scam

Hi, Beautiful people. If you’re sold on the traffic solution first and foremost I recommend getting a Google Analytics account which gives you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Google Analytics will also let you know where your traffic is coming from and where.

Personally I have my opinion where Better visitors is getting there traffic from and I am going to share it with you. Have you ever heard of traffic exchanges before? A traffic exchange is place where website owners exchange traffic it’s one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your website.

How traffic exchanges work?

How it works is first you submit your website to the traffic exchange once you do that you then view other members websites, there is a timer usually of about 15 – 20 seconds in which you view someone else’s website after you’ve viewed a website for 15 – 20 seconds you click the “next” button which will give you another website and also give you a “credit’ each credit you receive goes towards getting visitors back to your website. In these traffic exchanges you can also buy credits so that you don’t have to surf to get credits.

Top Traffic exchanges

traffic exchanges are a good way to get traffic to your website fast but the traffic you receive from traffic exchanges are usually low quality traffic and if you are selling something or hoping to make sales from a traffic exchange forget about it because most of the people at traffic exchanges are usually there for the same reason you are and are usually not in a frame of mind to buy anything. I am a member of two traffic exchanges they both have well over 100,000 members worldwide and they are completely free to join, they are listed below


If you’re considering purchasing traffic from better visitors my guess is you are new to making money online, which is ok but I’m letting you know that I’ve seen plenty of these sites and I see and know of No REAL testimonials. If your website is free to join and you don’t plan on selling and all you want is traffic might be the thing you we’re looking for but if your goal is to make sales I personally would not use Better visitors.

Please leave me any questions or concerns you might have below.

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