The Betty Baxter Program of is a weight loss program. It claims to offer sustainable and long-term solution for those who wanted to lose weight. Compared to other weight loss plans including fad diets in the market, Betty Baxter enables customers to gradually lose weight without starving or dehydrating them.

Aiming to help individuals lose body fat and teach them in getting better food choices, the program promotes their meal replacement products like shakes, soups, and bars. It claims that its products actually taste like real food and not like liquid cardboard as what other weight loss programs offer. This, according to them, is the result of their independent ‘blind’ taste tests.

More about Betty Baxter

Betty Baxter is committed to help anyone lose weight safely. It has helpful weight loss tips, articles, and tools. It even has a special page for explaining the science behind their weight loss program and for making some things clear with their Myth and Fact section.

The Betty Baxter Program comes in different phases where each phase corresponds to a different set of replacement meals. Its web page has an Advice and Support section for helping one sort out which phase they should begin with in the program.

Final thoughts on

Meal replacement programs for weight loss like the one being offered by have been one of the most popular weight loss programs that people are getting into right now. Aside from the fact that this doesn’t starve the person, this also enables one to still enjoy the food that she loves (including desserts) without the added guilt.

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