Beware of Election Fraud in Canada: Canadian Mainstream Media claims Erin O’Toole has little chance of winning the Election, but Conservative candidates of all riding are flush with cash! – July 26, 2021,

Money talks and B.S walks, although Erin O’Toole doesn’t appear to be as popular as say Maxime Bernier is on social media, this has little to do with grassroots support for the Conservative Party of Canada. I also like to point out that Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are no longer broke, even their supporters are back in business and last time I checked, Annamie Paul has been making enough noise for the Green party that they too may steal a few Liberal ridings.

Now, if you’re a Leftist, you don’t have much to benefit from Justin Trudeau winning, unless of course, you like the idea of more regulations on the internet, higher costs for your Netflix, and other corporatists ideals Justin Trudeau champions. Although I’ll never vote for the NDP, they’re not a corporatist Party, Jagmeet Singh has labeled the NDP as being similar to the movement started by Bernie Sanders in the United States.

This separates the NDP supporter from the corporate welfare supporting Liberal Party, the Gren Party is of course the environment first party and then of course, we have the Bloc Quebecois, which has delivered tangible results for the Quebecers, why would Quebec support Justin Trudeau and his open borders policies, Justin Trudeau is trying to change Quebec and they know it, so it’s not even a guarantee that Liberal ridings keep their existing seats.

On the Liberty from is Maxime Bernier, who is hovering around 2% but his voting base is fractured, Maxime Bernier’s base is unclear, Maxime Bernier actually had a pretty good showing the last election, the problem was that there was fierce Conservative opposition to him, well now that Conservative opposition is flush with even more cash, which could ultimately mean, that Maxime Bernier gets more total votes than the last election but similar results as the last election.

How this bodes for Justin Trudeau is quite clear, he has a serious race on his hands, all of his opponents have money and more and more people are coming to look at the liberals as being out of touch, as everyone knows if Erin O’Toole wins, there will be a coalition against him, this actually in the long term helps both the Greens, The NDP and the People’s Party of Canada.

Until Justin Trudeau, the NDP was on the verge of making the Liberals a relic of Canada’s past, even if you think about it now, the Justin Trudeau is all the Liberals have. Chrystia Freeland isn’t exactly likable, she comes across as condescending and if the right NDP candidate were pinned against her, that would be one hell of a race. Canada’s mainstream media is well aware that an upcoming race will be extremely competitive and they’re trying to get ahead of the story.

Even though Canada has the CBC, Justin Trudeau still bailed out Canada’s private media, it’s not even a guarantee that the NDP would have done that, this is why it’s very important that Canadians don’t allow Justin Trudeau’s bought and paid for media to create a narrative that Justin Trudeau will win in a landslide, anytime there’s a poll that the mainstream media is trying to claim is legit, make sure you get involved and get your friends involved.

The numbers don’t lie, Trudeau’s opposition parties are getting more money to beat him and the mainstream media who need Justin Trudeau to win in order to keep getting the money he promised them, want you to believe that Justin Trudeau wins a majority government easily. Get involved Canada, don’t allow Justin Trudeau’s bought and paid for media steal the upcoming election.

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Interesting times ahead