Review – Is it a scam? is a newly launched penny auction site. It claims that users can buy different items from their site, whether it’s jewelry, laptop or gift card, at a very low price.

Signing up at is easy and free of charge but in order to take part of the bidding, you need to buy credits priced at 70 cents each.

The successful bidder doesn’t actually win the item but gets the chance to purchase the item at its final auction price.

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Bid Bass offers different auction options. It has the traditional penny auction, free auctions where you don’t have to use your paid credits to bid, beginner auctions for those who haven’t won an auction yet, and nailbiter auctions for live bidders.

The site also has the ‘Buy It Now’ option where you can purchase the item anytime, even after the auction is finish.

BidBass claims that it promotes fair auctions, customer safety, and secure payment options for users. It awards 2 bonus bids right after signing up.

Final thoughts on is among the growing number of penny auction websites. Just like the others, bidding can become highly competitive especially among items that are highly sought after.

If you don’t mind competition, then you might just enjoy bidding at BidBass. So far, users have responded positively on this site.

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