Bidcactus Scam

Bidcactus Scam

To answer the question is a scam I really can’t answer that question because i am not a member but what i can do however is open your eyes to the penny auction market so you can get a better perspective of it before wasting your time and money.

First of all i’m pretty sure most of you reading this are familiar with eBay and how eBay works. If you like something you bid or buy it now and if your lucky you win but the key to eBay as buyer is that you only pay if you WIN. Penny auctions work differently with penny auctions once you bid you’ve actually paid for the item which means that the house always wins. The plus side is that it’s only a penny the bad side is you can waste all of your money and wind up with nothing. This is why some people call penny auctions borderline gambling because there can only be on winner for one particular item yet every bidder has to pay to bid.

In the case of once you sign up with them and buy credit you must also understand that these credits are NON REFUNDABLE. This is the main reason i am writing the post is to make you aware of this i have written posts on penny auction sites before I do this to help out my fellow citizen as a god fearing educated man i feel it’s my duty to at least warn my fellow citizen.

That being said I don’t think is a scam I don’t see any reason they would be. I just think you as a customer should be aware of what you are getting yourself into when getting into penny auction sites another to keep note of is the fact penny auctions are very time consuming if you research most of the frequent winners of Penny auction sites you will find that most of them spend allot of hours a day on penny auction sites.

This is another reason why people call it gambling and also why penny auctions can be addictive. Even if you go to the website front page and just watch a live auction you will get an idea of what i am talking about a penny auction can take a very long time and also remember there can only be 1 winner.

I use to work as welder making around $140 per day for 8 hours well some people will waste 8 hours a day bidding on a $100 item. Just a warning for those of you thinking of getting involved. Either way best wishes to all of you please leave your comments below your comments help others. so if you have the time please leave a comment.