Biden May Soon Ship Migrants to Canada, as the Elites At Martha’s Vineyard, Don’t Appear Welcoming, Residents Already Making-Up Excuses To Get Illegal Migrants off the Island – September 16, 2022,

Ok, so to start, I initially wasn’t aware of the land mass of Martha’s Vineyard, so I looked into it. Apparently, the land mass of Martha’s Vineyard is 226.6 km², so I was doing some comparative study; as an example, a Country in the Caribbean, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, has a land mass of 389 km². Well, Saint Vincent has a population of 110,947.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Okay, maybe one could argue Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a bad example, good point; let’s talk about the British territory known as Anguilla; it has a population of 15,094, and that was in 2011, but here’s the kicker, the land mass in Anguilla is only 96 km². The name “dwarf State” is used to describe Anguilla. But here’s where it gets even better, Manhattan managed to squeeze 1.629 million on a land mass of 59.1 km².

So when you listen to the Elitism, ignorance, and hypocrisy of some of the Martha’s Vineyard residents, keep in mind that they’ve been pro-illegal-immigrant for quite some time. Better I say pro-illegal immigration as long as it’s not on my doorstep.

48 Venezuelan Migrants Flown To Martha’s Vineyard | NBC News Digital

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Blame Canada; Canada Has a lot of land and a much smaller population, so let’s ship the Immigrants there, some members of Joe Bidens Administration argue.

Canada has a very strange and weird cabinet/Administration in charge of running their country, so who knows; maybe Joe Biden is onto something when he thinks Canada will be a much better destination for some of these illegal immigrants. Not sure what Canadians will think of this; last time I checked, Canada and its giant welfare State is one of the most bankrupt nations on the planet, but hey, you never know with politics.

One thing I forgot to mention, most of these illegal migrants speak SPANISH; the french speaking migrants likely come from Haiti; maybe the Province of Quebec will be welcoming to these Haitians; last time I checked, french speakers in Canada wanted to preserve their Quebecois, maybe some Caribbean French creole will help them that?

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Most humans have an “as long as it’s not in my backyard” approach to life. However, the Mayor of NYC appears to be adjusting to the new normal, so I’m thinking that maybe Martha’s Vineyard needs to take more of an NYC approach to things; yes, it’s uncomfortable at first, but after Martha’s Vineyard gets about 30,000 more illegals, I’m sure they’ll adjust, there’s a lot of large homes in Martha’s Vineyard that could house these migrants.

When presented with a major challenge, at first, it’s a bit scary, but eventually, you adjust, I’ve referred to some of Martha’s Vineyard residents as elites, but maybe, I’m being a little too judgemental; I think Ron DeSantis should ship thousands more illegals until it becomes the new normal in Martha’s Vineyard to see them.

Immigration is indeed a political issue, but if you’re a sanctuary State, town, or city, you need to practice what you preach; although I’m Conservative-leaning, I’m open to change if those in favor of change are willing to lead from the front. Most of these Martha’s Vineyard residents are EXTREMELY rich; they actually have the resources to build housing for these migrants; they could be the example of what they claim and change some minds.

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You might notice that I don’t write much about immigration; I write more about INDIVIDUALISM and the welfare state, now there’s an opportunity for the residents of Martha’s Vineyard to show Democrat voters why Republicans are heartless and Democrats are the good people. I’m not biased at all; my issue with Left-wingers is that they don’t back up their claims, EVEN when they have the resources to do it.

To date, it’s only 48 migrants; yes, I get it, Martha’s Vineyard residents; it’s an inconvenience at the moment, but meet the challenge; that’s what border states have had to do for the past two years; it’s not like all border States are run by Republicans, I actually think illegal immigration is why the population of California isn’t shrinking at a faster rate.

Regarding Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, they’re doing what every Republican should do, push back against tyrannical ideas. If you don’t push back, you lose the moral high ground; this is what most Conservatives fail to understand. Eventually, everyone loses an election, but that’s not the point; the point is, did you fight for what you believe in? Di you exhaust all the resources at your disposal?

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One of the reasons society has moved so far to the Left is that nobody calls the Left-Wing bluff. It’s so rare that some people actually think what DeSantis and Abbott are doing is cruel? Have you seen all the tents at these border towns, shortages of goods and services because migrants, many of whom have no money, are having resources taken from legal residents and given to them? There was even a baby formula shortage that many of us learned revolved around illegal migrants VIA THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT consuming resources that were reserved for tax-paying residents.

It’s not like these illegal immigrants who aren’t or can’t pay taxes are contributing anything to society; they’re liabilities, and for the Biden Administration to process these illegals faster than the people who came to the U.S LEGALLY will BREAK their immigration system. I don’t have any answers to this; all I’m saying is if you’re a Sanctuary, State, City, or Town, be careful what you wish for because when it arrives, you’d better be mentally prepared to deal with the challenges!

Florida flies migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in latest North-South conflict on immigration |

Interesting times ahead!