The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Biden more per capita votes in America Than Trudeau in Canada: Justin Trudeau, prominent Canadian health officials and cabinet ministers push back at Joe Biden on COVID-19 holiday gatherings – December 23, 2021

Canada’s top health officials haven’t exactly had a tough job throughout the pandemic, most if not all of the information they regurgitate comes directly from the World Health Organization(WHO). I’ve been arguing for over a year now, that, Canada would be better off saving money and simply posting WHO information on the Health Canada website.

Joe Biden doesn’t have the same luxury as Canada because America has a Constitution and States do have rights when the government over-reaches. Although the United States under Joe Biden is once again the largest financier of the World Health Organization, Joe Biden can’t simply wake up one morning and tell Americans I feel like doing “A, B, or C” without serious political consequences. In Canada, until Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada which is a Right-Wing Conservative Party become a serious threat to the establishment, Justin Trudeau at least regarding COVID-19 can give the appearance of strength.

Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives, have proven to be rather docile and useless, and most Conservative Canadian Premiers have little to no desire to approach Covid-19 in the manner Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis governs. So what this equates to is Justin Trudeau’s push back against Joe Biden potentially being a smart political move, at least for now.

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Joe Biden had a bad year, Justin Trudeau on the flipside has had a pretty good year, his early election yielded positive results, he gained more seats against the Conservatives, and as long as the People’s Party of Canada movement doesn’t become a serious threat, it appears to be smooth sailings for the Liberal Party, as long as of course there’s not an economic downturn in Canada.

Even if there’s an economic downturn in Canada in 2022, most likely Canadians would have forgotten this moment. Where I see potential problems with Trudeau’s attack on Biden, is brazenness. Although Joe Biden might not be loved in America right now, he’s still the American President, and as bad and corrupt as Joe Biden might be, he fails in comparison to Justin Trudeau who for many Canadians is a walking embarrassment. 51% of Americans voted for Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau got only 33% of votes in Canada, in fact, Moderate Conservative Erin O’Toole is more popular than Justin Trudeau?

Even if you imagine there was election fraud in the U.S election, Joe Biden still wins the popular vote, nobody including Trump supporters would dispute that. Trudeau lost the popular vote 2 times since winning the 2015 election. Canada is known for being a Left-Wing nation and Trudeau can’t win a popular vote?

Why did I bring this up? Well, the People’s Party of Canada(PPC) in the 2021 election cleared 800,000 votes and the Conservative Party of Canada still won the popular vote? So now Canada could potentially have two Right Wing political Party’s that can generate 1 million votes. This growth in conserving Western values is happening in Canada primarily because of Justin Trudeau’s corrupt governance.

So although he’s taking jabs at the U.S President, Trudeau ought to be warned that Joe Biden’s economy is starting to look better than Canada’s economy and if the midterm elections turn out to be the bloodbath some are predicting, 2023 might prove to be the year that Joe Biden is forced to enforce an American first agenda, which included tariffs on Canadian manufactured goods by the way.

The worst America’s economy gets, the more Democrats will be looking for a scapegoat, Trudeau could potentially be drawing a target on his back, and regulations on the Canadian economy, haven’t exactly helped. I live in a very busy part of Toronto, and if I’m, to be honest, I’m not seeing a lot of traffic outside, maybe online orders are the reason, but buying online is more expensive than buying in person, which equates to spending more to get less?

I know food bank usage has also surged in Ontario, there are penalties for lockdowns, which by the way are government regulations on the economy. This is happening in Canada while there’s a labor shortage, inflation in the housing and rental markets and let’s not forget food and energy price inflation? The inflation in Canada is primarily because of Justin Trudeau’s policies and bad investments with taxpayer dollars.

Now, that the free money Trudeau used to buy votes for is 2021 election is expiring, working-class Canadians are going to have to pay back Trudeau’s reckless spending. The borrowing is fun, paying back what was borrowed is the hard part. The Prime Minister of Canada Taking a swipe at Canada’s largest trading partner? a good idea? on Biden’s worst day he’d still clear 45% of American total votes, Trudeau has NEVER cracked 40% of total Canadian votes.

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Interesting times ahead!