Bidhere Review Is It a Scam

If is anything like some of the auction websites i’ve reviewed I would recommend people stay away. The one difference I like about Bidhere compared to other penny auctions is the fact the allow paypal payments. If you are going to signup for don’t recommend it) pay with paypal. The reason i say this is because paypal has a much better reputation than the other credit card processors i see on the website

Bidhere Terms and Conditions Read them before signing up

Penny auctions use things called credits that people use to bid on items. To obtain a credit a person needs to pay cash. Credits typically in penny auctions are non refundable and if you read the terms and conditions on the website it does state that Purchasing Bid and Payments found at #2 it states

“The bids must be paid for in advance. The purchasing process requires Users to verify if the bid package they are purchasing is the right one. This is done to make sure that the choice being made is intended. Purchased Bid Packages are non-refundable and hence Users should buy only as many bids as they are willing to spend on the bidding process. Payment can be made by a valid debit card, credit card or via payment agent. Purchase of Bid Pack is  non refundable. If charges are disputed, BidHere has the right to share your information with our Debt Collection Agency to recover payments. ”

Understanding Penny Auctions

The important thing i want people to understand about penny auctions is that there can only be one winner so even though some of these penny auctions have buy it now features the bottom line is that you as the consumer is losing. When you bid at a place like eBay only the winner has to pay for the price of the item when you bid at a penny auction website every single bidder is paying for the price of the item. What makes it worse is the bigger the penny auction site gets the worse and harder it gets for the consumer.

Sure you might get a rush by it but penny auction websites are both costly and time consuming my research has shown me there are allot more losers than winners which is fine but what sucks is that majority of the losers leave with NOTHING the lose their time and they lose their money, lets say they went to eBay now yes there is only one winner but only the winner has to pay for the item.It’s just not worth it my opinion none the less don’t let my opinion stop you from signing up to Bidhere

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